The highly anticipated Apple conference has just ended, in which it revealed its latest devices from the impressive iPhone 14 family, as well as the new generation of Apple AirPods Pro headphones, updating the entire watch family and launching a new version of it. Here is a summary of the conference.

The conference began with Tim Cook in the courtyard of the new Apple headquarters, and Tim said that today, 3 devices that work together efficiently and are very popular will be revealed; iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods.

Apple Watch 8

Tim Cook started talking about the Apple Watch and how it affects the lives of millions and shared a promotional video for it for people reading a message from Tim Cook explaining how the Apple Watch saved their lives after disasters and accidents.

Then the conversation moved to Jeff Williams, who started talking about the Apple Watch, which achieved first place for 7 consecutive years, and then revealed the first image of the Apple Watch 8th generation.

Apple recently added a feature that was expected and caused a major criticism of the watch, which is the temperature sensor. Apple said that it added 2 temperature sensors, one adjacent to the body and the second near the screen, to improve results by isolating external influences.

Apple said it will use this temperature sensor in a variety of women's features in addition to the Health app. The sensor will work continuously and measure temperature every 5 seconds during the night and can detect a change in body temperature of up to 0.1 degrees.

Apple has added features for women that enable them to track their menstrual cycle, its expected date, and any changes in body temperature during its occurrence, as this information can help to know the date of ovulation, which is important in family planning.

Apple has added a new feature to the watch, which is accident prediction; Apple said it had previously been able to provide a fall recognition feature; And this year, it will use the new and developed phone sensors to identify accidents in cars; It can be any type of vehicle, be it a regular, SUV or pick-up truck.

Apple explained that the watch identifies all types of accidents, whether a collision from the front, rear, side, or even a car rollover.

After the accident, the Apple Watch shows an alert that it will send a distress signal, and in the event that you do not respond, it sends the signal and uses the built-in GPS to notify the rescuers.

Apple explained that it has developed the watch battery, where it can work up to 18 hours of use; For the first time, there is a power saving mode, which enables the Apple Watch to work up to 36 hours, and this mode will be available with previous Apple Watches from the fourth generation and newer with WatchOS 9 system

Apple explained that the power saving mode will turn off a number of functions and tasks for the watch, but there are vital functions that will continue to work, such as the fall sensor, accidents and activities; The features that stop are like the screen is working all the time and discover the exercises.

Apple said that the Apple Watch now supports roaming in 30 countries around the world (the watch version with SIM).

The watch is available in aluminum in black, silver, red and a new color called Starlight

Also, stainless steel, silver, gold and gray colors

The watch will be available for reservation from today and is available for sale on September 16, at a price of $399 for the traditional version and $499 for the version that includes an e-SIM.

The second Apple Watch SE

Apple also unveiled the second generation of its economical watch known as the SE.

The watch will be available in the same colors as the Apple Watch 8th generation without the red color.

The second generation of the SE watch comes with a 8% faster SiP 20 chip than the previous version and also includes general improvements in features and also supports the accident sensor that Apple launched in the eighth generation watch. This is a compilation of the most important features of the Apple Watch SE, the second generation…

The watch will be available for reservation as of today and for sale from September 16 at the following prices:

Apple Watch Ultra

Then Apple announced an entirely new version of the watch, and it was called Ultra, just as Apple called Ultra the most powerful version of the M1 processor.

The new watch can be summed up as designed to work in the most demanding and difficult conditions; Starting with the body of the watch, which comes from titanium, which is very strong and durable, and the screen is resistant to breakage, as Apple explained.

The watch comes with the largest screen in an Apple watch, which is 49mm and provides the highest screen brightness in Apple watches and smart watches.

On the side, a prominent orange button appears, and Apple called it the task button, the Action Button, or the action button.

Apple said that the watch comes with the most powerful battery ever put in its watch, as it can work up to 36 hours in the traditional mode and up to 60 hours when the power saving mode is turned on.

Apple said that the watch includes a feature to recognize the road, which protects you from getting lost in the forests, deserts, and others; On the one hand, you can record the location of any belongings or places around you and the watch will guide you to them. On the other hand, the watch records your route and, if you wish, guides you how to reverse, that is, go back in the same path you walked to reach the same starting point.

For calls, Apple added an additional high-quality headset, as well as the development and increase of microphones; Apple said the watch's microphone is extremely sensitive and can pick up sound even in a storm.

Apple showed off a number of all-new frames for the watch; The tires, Apple said, are designed to be like a watch, suitable for the most extreme types of sports and conditions.

Apple has also described the watch as a diving computer that can monitor the water situation, dive to depths of more than 130 feet (40 meters) underwater and work efficiently even with a glove on. Apple explained that the depths of the water may be dark, or that the natural conditions around you may need a high intensity of illumination for the watch screen, so the illumination of the Apple Watch reached 2000nits, which is super light. It is enough to know that phones such as the S22 Ultra reach the maximum intensity of illumination at only 1750nits.

A compilation of the watch's features

The shocking thing is that the watch comes with prices starting at $ 799, which is almost the same price as the iPhone.

The watch is available to order from now and will be available in markets from September 23.

AirPods Pro 2

Then Apple moved to talk about the second generation of AirPods Pro, which can be abbreviated all of the following as a comprehensive and total improvement in performance while maintaining the design.

The speaker comes with an internal H2 chip that provides a more efficient connection with the ability to operate Low-Distortion Audio Driver and Custom Amplifier. We apologize for the English designations as it is difficult to find suitable Arabic terms for the audio.

One of the powerful features of the headset is that with the iPhone's depth camera, you can make the headset recognize the shape of your ear and head and thus provide spatial audio tailored to you.

Apple said that the H2 chip enabled it to achieve unprecedented sound insulation capabilities, as the Pro 2 headset can isolate twice the noise provided by the previous version.

Ear changes for the headset are now available in 4 sizes, the very small size has been added.

When you turn on Transparency mode, the second generation speaker also operates superior sound isolation, passing you only the sounds you want to hear and canceling building sounds and ambient noise, and Apple says that the headset performs 48000 operations per second to analyze the sounds around you.

The new headset can work up to 6 hours of continuous playback, which is 33% larger than its previous generation. The charging case gives you up to 30 hours of audio, which is 6 hours higher than the first generation case.

You can easily find the speaker case by playing the sound in the speakers at the bottom of the case to make it easy for you to locate them; The speaker is also useful for making annotations such as charging has started, stopped or the battery is low.

Apple launched a new accessory for the case and supported the case with slots so that it can be hung and carried with you more easily.

A compilation of the features of the headset…

The headset sells for $249, reservations start September 9 and sale starts September 23.

IPhone 14

Apple began reviewing the iPhone 14, which became the same sizes as the iPhone “Pro”, which ended the era of the mini; The iPhone comes in 6.1 inches and 6.7 inches for the 14 Plus version.

Both phones feature the same Super Retina XDR OLED display

A compilation of the features of the screen…

iPhone 14 coming in 5 colors

Apple said that the iPhone 14 features the best battery in the history of all iPhone generations.

iPhone 14 works with the same A15 processor with 5 GPU cores as the iPhone 13 Pro; This includes a processor better than the A15, which was in the previous iPhone 13.

The camera Apple talked about for a long time at the conference, where it said that the iPhone 14 comes with a completely new basic camera, which works with a large sensor and a pixel size of 1.9 microns, which means clear, high-light images.

The great thing is that Apple has improved photography in low light by 49%. And exposure speed in night mode has been doubled.

The front camera “depth camera” has also been improved to become 12 mega pixel camera with f / 1.9 lens slot, and the new camera system works faster even in low light.

Apple said it uses a new technology called the Photonic Engine that delivers significant improvements in low-light photos.

The aforementioned improvements and other improvements eventually led to the performance of the front camera in low light becoming “double” better, while in the main rear camera it became 2.5 times better performance.

Moving to video shooting, Apple used the all-new automatic stabilization feature and Apple called it Action Mode, which uses all iPhone sensors to provide the least vibration in video shooting.

As for the connection to phone networks, Apple said that the iPhone chip has been improved to support the fifth generation networks in 250 operators around the world, and it is also time to reveal an important change in the electronic chip e-SIM

Apple announced that the US version of the iPhone will for the first time work without a regular chip; And Apple said that you can add any number of e-SIMs in your phone and move between them with one touch.

Apple said that the iPhone 14 includes a feature to identify car accidents, as well as the Apple Watch.

Apple finally revealed the satellite messaging feature, which was rumored a year ago to be coming in the iPhone 13 Pro at the time.

The advantage in short is that there is a chip in the iPhone that connects directly to satellite networks to send rescue messages. Apple said that it added the feature to identify the correct location of the moon so that you point your phone at the moon, and thus the need for large sensors such as Thuraya phones is reduced.

Apple said that in the case of clear skies, it takes 15 seconds, and in the case of clouds, it may take a few minutes.

Apple said that satellite messages are limited and short, so it worked with specialists to provide a quick and simple guide that enables you to request distress with the smallest message possible.

Apple clarified that the iPhone 14 includes a free satellite rescue message feature for 24 months. The feature initially works in America and Canada and will be available from November.

A compilation of the features of the iPhone 14

Despite the improvement of the great features as well as the increase in the size of the iPhone screen, but there is no change in the prices, as the iPhone 14 comes at a starting price of $ 799 and the iPhone 14 Plus at a starting price of $ 899

The iPhone 14 is available for reservations from September 9 and sale from September 16, while the iPhone 14 Plus is available for reservations from 9/9, but the sale is from October 7.

IPhone 14 Pro

Apple revealed in a teaser video dominated by the color purple for the iPhone 14 Pro, which makes us know that this color will be distinctive for the iPhone 14 Pro.

The first look shows a completely new design for the iPhone bump, as it is inside the screen and is not attached to the letters as before.

As usual, the iPhone 14 Pro comes from stainless steel with a ceramic protection layer. The iPhone 14 Pro is available in 4 colors.

Apple began explaining the changes in the iPhone 14, beginning with the first thing we noticed, a new bump that Apple called Dynamic Island.

And the term island means that it has become inside the screen. As for interactive, it is because Apple has devised an important modification in the design of the system so that applications interact with the bump whose design changes with notifications, calls, etc. For example, this is a picture

And this is another picture of the interactive extrusion shape

Whether you're putting your phone on the charger, paying with Apple Pay, listening to audio, playing a timer, and other uses for your phone, the bump will interact with you to make you feel like it's not really there.

Apple said that the maximum brightness of the iPhone 14 Pro is up to 2000nits depending on the surrounding conditions, and the maximum intensity manually (you can reach it by adjusting the lighting) is 1600nits.

Finally, and again, Apple remembered that it did not add the Always-On Display feature, which Apple added years ago to the watch, but for some reason forgot it on the iPhone.

Of course, we all know Always-On Display screens and what they display, so we can skip what Apple has explained about the possibility of knowing the time and notifications without touching the phone.

The iPhone 14 Pro screen can adjust the Refresh Rate up to 1Hz when power saving mode is on.

Then Apple revealed the most powerful phone processor in the world, the A16

The processor includes 16 billion transistors and they are manufactured with 4nm technology, and this is a picture compared to the A13 (you see why the A13 and not the A15) as well as the closest competitors (mostly Qualcomm SD 8 Gen 1)

Apple said that the strongest competitor in the market has not yet reached the performance of the A13, which was released 3 years ago. While now Apple is in the A16 with 6 cores and 40% better performance than competitors.

Then Apple made a detailed review of the processor and that it can do 17 billion operations per second and that it includes a lot of components, the most important of which is the ISP that can do 4 trillion operations per image.

Then Apple moved to talk about photography to show how the new super processor enabled it to provide unprecedented artificial intelligence that improves the quality of photos and videos.

Initially Apple decided to give up after 7 years with 12 mega pixel cameras; Apple decided to leave it and move to 48-megapixel cameras… Yes, the basic iPhone camera became 48-megapixel, not 12-megapixel that appeared with the iPhone 6s and continued until 13 Pro as well as the traditional 14… Hello 48-megapixel camera.

The camera comes with an f/1.78 aperture, 7-element lens, and a 24mm focal length.

Apple revealed a new sensor that combines 4 pixels into a large one to provide 4 times the lighting; If you do not understand what this is, you can review the Google Pixel, Samsung Note and S phones of recent years, the feature has been there for years.

Apple said that the technology and the new sensor will make photos 4 times as light in normal conditions and twice as light in poor lighting conditions compared to the iPhone 13 Pro

Moving to the second camera, which is TelePhoto, it also got an update in pixel size and aperture became f/1.78 and focal length 48mm, which are great improvements compared to the 13 Pro camera.

Apple said that the iPhone can shoot ProRAW with the 48-megapixel camera.

The third camera also got an update but it's not that big compared to the other two cameras (Apple may want to leave something for the iPhone 15 Pro next year) but the good thing is the macro photography support finally.


Image showing iPhone cameras performing in low light.

A compilation of the most important features of the iPhone 14 Pro

There is no change in the price of the iPhone, as it starts from $ 999 for the iPhone 14 Pro and $ 1099 for the iPhone 14 Pro Max.

The phones are available to book from September 9 and on sale from September 16.

iPhone family prices after today's launch

Thus ended the upcoming Apple conference to reveal the iPhone; You can watch the entire conference on YouTube

What did you like the most about the Apple conference? And is there an intention to buy any of the products launched by Apple today?

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