Finally, the iOS 16 update has begun to appear for all users, this is the update you are waiting for, which will provide us with new features for free and break the boredom of the previous system and improve our experience with the wonderful iOS system, now it is available for you to upgrade your device to the latest operating system, which carries version 16.

Hey my dear brother, I have been patient a lot. What do you think about taking a moment to slow down and start in the name of God, then read this guide and without hurrying and start the upgrade process?

In the following lines, we will provide you with a complete guide to update to this version as you used to from us previously and every year so that it is considered as a basic reference for you and an assistant in making the steps of the update process a success to its end.

Contents of the guide:

  • Devices that this update applies to
  • What's new in iOS 16
  • Basic notes before updating
  • Basic steps before updating
  • Automatic update steps
  • Manual update steps
  • Questions and answers
  • After the update

Devices that the update applies to:

iOS 16 will work on the following devices:

iPadOS 16 update hasn't been released yet, it will be released later in October


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What's new in iOS 16, according to Apple

Lock screen

  • The redesigned lock screen brings you completely new ways to customize your lock screen by displaying favorite images, customizing font styles, displaying widgets, and more.
  • Multiple lock screens can be created and you can switch between them easily
  • Lock screen gallery offers personalized suggestions along with curated Apple lock screen combinations
  • Color and font options to customize the appearance of the date and time on the lock screen
  • Widgets on the lock screen display quick information such as weather, battery charge levels, upcoming calendar events, and more
  • New effect that puts the main element of the photo in front of time (on iPhone XS and later)
  • Photo Styles Changes the color filter, hue, and font style in photos on the lock screen so that they complement each other
  • Notifications appear at the bottom of the lock screen and can be displayed as an expanded list, in a stacked view, or in a bulleted view


  • Link lock screens link the lock screen to a focus, so you can activate any focus by switching to its lock screen
  • Focus filters hide distracting content in apps like Calendar, Mail, Messages, Safari, and third-party apps
  • Seamless setup makes it easier and faster to start focusing with personalized home and lock screen suggestions that include apps and widgets related to the focus being set up


  • Edit the message up to XNUMX minutes after sending it, and recipients will see a history of the edits
  • Undo Send allows you to retrieve any message within two minutes of sending it max
  • Marking as unread makes it easy to come back to the conversation at a later time
  • SharePlay in Messages allows you to enjoy activities with friends like watching movies, listening to music, playing games and more while messaging
  • Collaboration provides a simple way to invite others to collaborate on a file via messages and get updates on activities in the thread when someone makes an edit in a shared project


  • Improved search gives more accurate and complete results and offers suggestions as soon as you start typing
  • Undo Send allows you to cancel delivery of the message within XNUMX seconds of pressing the send button
  • Scheduled Send allows the email to be sent on a specific day and time
  • The Remind Me feature allows you to schedule a date and time when you will be reminded of the email

Safari and pass keys

  • Shared tab groups allow you to share a group of tabs with others and see an immediate group of tabs updated as you work together
  • Start pages in tab groups can be customized with different background images and favorite locations for each tab group
  • Pinned tabs in tab groups enable you to pin the websites you visit most frequently to each tab group
  • Translate web pages in Safari adds translation of web pages in Turkish, Thai, Vietnamese, Polish, Indonesian and Dutch
  • Passkeys provide support for an easier and more secure login method to replace passwords
  • Passkey Sync with iCloud Keychain makes passkeys available on all your Apple devices while keeping them fully encrypted

Visual general search

  • Raise an object from the background feature separates the main object in images so you can copy and paste it into apps like Mail and Messages (on iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR and later)


  • Easy Shortcuts Setup Allows you to launch Shortcuts with Siri simply by downloading an app without an explicit setup interface (on iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR and later)
  • A new setting that allows you to send messages without Siri asking you to confirm before sending


  • All-new dictation experience supports using your voice and keyboard together to enter and edit text (on iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR and later)


  • Multi-stop Route Supports adding up to fifteen stops along a driving route in Maps
  • Transit Cards in Maps lets you see low balances and top up your card when you add transit cards to the Wallet app, all without leaving the Maps app
  • Transportation tariffs show you the cost of your trip in the San Francisco Bay Area, London, New York, and San Diego

TheApple Pay and Wallet

  • Apple Pay Order Tracking Allows you to receive a detailed receipt and order tracking information in your wallet when you make purchases using Apple Pay at participating merchants.


  • The redesigned Home app makes it easy to navigate, organize, display and control smart home accessories
  • The Home tab now combines all your accessories, rooms, and scenes into one tab to view your entire home, allowing you to view your entire home at one glance
  • The Lights, Indoors, Speakers, TVs and Water categories allow you to quickly access all accessories organized by room and display more detailed status information.
  • The new camera view displays up to four cameras front and center on the Home tab, you can scroll to see any additional camera views in your home
  • Redesigned accessory boxes feature more visually recognizable icons, color-coded to their category, and new ways to sharpen accessory controls

My health

  • Medications feature helps you track and manage your medications, vitamins and supplements by creating a list, custom schedules and reminders, then view the recording over time
  • Menstrual aberration notifications alert you if your recorded periods show a pattern of intermittent, irregular or prolonged menstrual cycles or persistent vaginal spotting
  • Health data sharing invites allow your loved ones to easily and securely share their health data with you
  • Health data sharing reminders give you transparency and control over the health data you share with your loved ones

Family sharing

  • Enhanced Child Account Setup makes it easy to create a child account with appropriate parental control settings, including age-appropriate media restrictions
  • Set up devices for a child lets you use the Quick Start feature to set up your child's new iOS or iPadOS device with parental control settings that you specify
  • Screen Time requests in Messages make it easy to approve or decline requests from your child
  • Family Checklist gives you tips and suggestions like updating your child's parental settings, turning on location sharing, or just reminding you to share your iCloud+ subscription with everyone

Security Check

  • Security Check A new section in Settings helps people who experience family or partner violence to quickly reset access permission they've granted to others
  • Emergency reset allows you to take a quick action to reset access permission for all people and apps, including disabling location sharing via Find My, resetting privacy permissions for apps, and more
  • Sharing and Access Management helps you review and customize which apps and people have access to your information

Facilitation of use

  • Door detection in the Magnifier app helps locate the door, reads signs and symbols around it, and gives you instructions on how to open the door (on iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro)
  • Apple Watch Mirroring provides full control of your Apple Watch from your iPhone and supports the use of Switch Control, Voice Control, or other assistive features on your iPhone to get the most out of your Apple Watch
  • The Playmate Arm feature helps users with cognitive disabilities obtain support from a caregiver or friend while playing by combining inputs from multiple joysticks into one arm.
  • Voiceover is now available in over XNUMX new local languages ​​and dialects, including Bengali (India), Bulgarian, Catalan, Ukrainian and Vietnamese

This release also includes other features and improvements:

  • The Fitness app lets you track and achieve your fitness goals even if you don't have an Apple Watch yet, using your iPhone's motion sensors to provide an estimate of your calories that contribute to your daily movement goal
  • AirPods Pro (XNUMXnd generation) support
  • Custom Spatial Audio uses the iPhone's True Depth Camera to create a personalized spatial sound profile that delivers a more accurate, immersive listening experience on AirPods (XNUMXrd generation), AirPods Pro (XNUMXst and XNUMXnd generation), and AirPods Max
  • The FaceTime Handover feature allows you to seamlessly transfer FaceTime calls from iPhone to iPad or Mac, and back
  • Memoji updates include more sticker modes, hair styles, headscarves, noses and lip colors
  • Quick Note adds support for taking a note in any iPhone app, adding links to create context, and finding content easily
  • Translate camera lets you translate texts around you using the camera in the translation app
  • Duplicate Photo Detection identifies duplicate photos so you can quickly clean up your library
  • Camera's Front Portrait Blur Feature Blurs the front elements to apply a more realistic depth-of-field effect (on iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, and iPhone 13 Pro Max)
  • Lists pinned to Reminders help you quickly jump to your favorite lists
  • Home screen search Accesses Finder right from the bottom of the Home screen, making it easy to open apps, find contacts, or get information from the web
  • Send messages automatically in CarPlay to skip the confirmation step when sending messages
  • Rapid Security Response Delivers critical security improvements to your devices faster, as they can be applied automatically between regular software updates

Some features may not be available in all regions or on all Apple devices. 

Update directly from the device

Open Settings, then General, then Software Update. It will appear to you that there is a new update like the following image. Just click on Download and Install (requires space that may reach 4GB on some devices)

All you have to do is press "Download and Install" as you always do for any update.

Note: If your device is not upgraded to the latest version, you can immediately upgrade to iOS 16 and discard existing upgrades

 If you have one of the previous beta versions, you must delete the beta profile.

Update via iTunes:

The difference between Restore and Update:

Before we start the update, it is necessary to give an overview of the difference between the Restore and Update processes and their actual impact on the iPhone.

Update: It is the process of automatically updating the device without your intervention, as iTunes downloads the update file from the Apple website and updates your device and does not result in any data loss (it is assumed that, but a backup copy must be taken as we mentioned above to ensure that no accidental problems occur).

Restore: It is to download a completely new version as if you bought the phone again, and some prefer it when updating and it is mandatory if you have a jailbreak and want to update

Sometimes the Update work may not be suitable for those who have a jailbreak in their device or a trial version of the system and it is necessary to choose Restore, but in our experiences the update was done without a problem.

Update steps:


 Connect your device to the computer, open iTunes, and hit the Check For Update button - sometimes iTunes knows that Update is present.


A message will appear telling you that there is an update for your device, which is iOS 16, so press Download And Update (maybe an error message appears and the reason will be the pressure on Apple servers)


A message will appear informing you of the new features that have been added in iOS 16, and you can read it, then click Next


A User Agreement message will appear, Agree accept it


Now you will start the process of downloading the file and updating your device, but you should note that the download and update process will take some time.

After the update, you may be asked to enter the password for the cloud "Phone Finder". If you do not remember it, please wait and do not update your device

Manual update:

You can do a manual update by downloading the update file through the following links, depending on the type of your device, as shown:

You can download the system file from here

After that, after the download is complete, connect your device to the computer and then go to iTunes and press the Restore button with the Options button on the Mac or the Restore button with the Shift Shift for Windows and Windows keyboard. (Make sure that the file extension is IPSW and if not, just change the extension manually to IPSW) A window will appear for you to choose the downloaded file and then start the update process for the iPhone.


After updating my device battery is dying quickly

  • This is normal after any update, the system does several tasks in the background and makes some updates, this will last for a day or two, just make sure that your device is charged frequently because this process requires that the device be in the charger.

Will it wipe all my software and device contents if i update

  • No, you have to review the explanation again, there is a difference between Update and Restore, and in the end if you have a backup you can restore everything.

I had a beta version of iOS 16?

  • You can delete the profile of the beta, but if you have the latest beta it is the one available to everyone today, if you don't want to subscribe to the beta again just delete the beta ID from your device settings

I can't upgrade I tried everything and the update still doesn't show up, or I'm waiting for an update

  • Just wait a few hours, try shutting down and reopening the device, and make sure you have an internet connection.

After the update:

Applying the previous steps will ensure the success of the update, God willing, and it should be noted that the first syncing process between the iPhone and the device between the completion of the update process will take time as the data stored in your device will be transferred to the iPhone, and upon completion you will notice that even the Safari pages on the iPhone previously opened before The update remains the same as are the data and other features. Then it can be said that the update process was successful.

If you encounter any problem, you can wait for a few hours and then try again

Tell us about your experience with this new update in the comments

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