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Apple launched the watchOS 9 system, which provides users with a variety of ways to track exercise and fitness, and even track medications and sleep, provide better analysis of your heart health, and a lot of great features. Here are the 5 best features of watchOS 9 for the Apple smartwatch.

Workout app renewal

To better enhance your workouts, watchOS 9 brings an important update to the Workout app to show more stats with lots of new features for people who love to exercise, especially running. Cardio, activity loops, and the amount of force that occurs during sprinting and elevation.

You will also have the option to allow you to create custom workouts complete with work and rest periods along with alerts that will tell you about your heart rate, pace, strength and cadence during your workout. You score.

sleep improvement app

Apple has improved the sleep app with watchOS 9, and with the heart rate and accelerometer sensor, the user can now see how much time he spends in REM sleep, basic sleep, and even deep sleep, as well as the time in which he may wake up, in addition, it provides you with a comparison chart Sleep In the updated My Health app on the iPhone, see metrics such as heart rate, respiratory rate, and sleep duration.

new interfaces

With watchOS 9, Apple introduces four new watch faces, including a lunar interface that includes a real-time Chinese or Hijri lunar calendar, an interactive gameplay interface created in collaboration with illustrator and artist Joey Fulton, an astrological interface that provides a map of stars and clouds in XNUMXD, and an urban interface. Or Metropolitan, which is a classic interface that changes shape dynamically when you rotate the Digital Crown. Apple has also updated other interfaces with the ability to customize the image and color in the background with ease.

Medicines application

The new Medications app helps you carefully and appropriately keep track of the medications, vitamins and supplements you take, including how much and when you take them. You can also use Reminders to keep track of your medication appointments, and those reminders will appear on your Apple Watch and iPhone, and you can view a schedule of medication appointments and what was recorded during the day.

atrial fibrillation

if done Diagnosing the user with atrial fibrillationHe can now enable the history of atrial fibrillation to get a deeper insight into his condition. A person can also see an estimate of how often their heart rhythm shows signs of atrial fibrillation and how other factors such as exercise, sleep, and other things affect the disease. Besides, with watchOS 9 a detailed history can be accessed via the Health app and there is an option to download a PDF file for submission or Share it with your doctor. According to Apple, the feature will later be available in more than 100 countries.

In the end, these were the top 5 features of watchOS 9 that will be available to Apple Watch users once the update is downloaded, of course, there are many other features that the update provides, including a new compass design, low power mode, and the ability to connect to your cellular network when you are abroad, in addition to To update the icon bar and notifications and improve the podcast experience.

In your opinion, what is the best feature of watchOS 9, tell us in the comments



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