Better late than never, that's how it is with glasses Camel For mixed reality, which is expected to be announced next year, and until that time, Facebook (currently dead) will have the advantage because it has been selling this product to users for years, however, Apple has some tricks up its sleeve which it will reveal with the new glasses.

New Apple glasses

Apple is expected to announce its long-awaited new augmented reality glasses sometime in 2023, and according to a new report, the Apple glasses will have the ability to scan the irises of people who wear them so they can quickly log into their accounts, of course typing a password into the reality glasses. A booster isn't easy, so it makes sense that such a technique would be used.

And this new feature will make it easier for many people to use the same device by scanning the iris and identifying each user, as it will allow them to make payments quickly, similar to fingerprint or facial recognition in iPhone devices when confirming purchases.

Augmented reality glasses specifications

As for the specifications and design of the new Apple glasses, it seems that it will come with a mixture of fabric, aluminum and glass with two 4K screens capable of working at low refresh rates to preserve the battery, similar to the way the iPhone and Apple Watch work.

In addition to side-mounted cameras that will be used to identify and track movement of the body and legs, it is said that it will be lighter in size than the new Mita Quest Pro headset unveiled recently at the Connect conference, which works with LCD screens and cameras to track eyes and face and displays them as they are In the avatars inside the virtual world and its price is 1500 dollars.

The difference between virtual, augmented and mixed reality

Virtual RealityIt is to wear glasses and everything that is in your real world is obscured, and to display a non-existent world that is made by the glasses and use your senses completely to live the experience and this is what happens when you wear glasses and play a game and live inside the game without elements of your real reality.

Example of virtual reality glasses, Quest glasses from Meta

Augmented Reality: is to wear glasses and these glasses display your real world through the cameras installed on them, but virtual items are added in the real world as happened with the game Pokemon Go.

Example of augmented reality glasses, HoloLens glasses from Microsoft

mixed reality: It is a mixture of the virtual and augmented world and is used in many fields, but the name of mixed reality is given to glasses that are able to completely obscure the world around you and also add elements to your world.

An example of mixed reality glasses, the Quest Pro glasses from Meta

So far, Apple has been very secretive about its mixed reality glasses, but leaks and rumors continue to emerge, the latest of which is that Apple is working on three mixed reality glasses and it is expected that one of them we talked about in the article, which may be priced at $ 3000, i.e. Double the price of the new Facebook glasses.

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