You may know a way to turn your iPad into a digital photo frame using an app from the App Store, but there is actually a way to do it without installing any third-party app. Using one of the iPad's accessibility features, you can easily turn it into a moving picture frame, saving you from having to buy a dedicated device. Even better, this process is reversible, if you need to use the iPad for a different purpose, you can pause the photo slideshow. If this is important to you, then follow the article for step-by-step instructions on how to turn your iPad into a digital photo frame.

How to turn your iPad into a digital photo frame

◉ Before you begin, select or create an album and add photos to it. You can do this with photos already on the iPad, or share them from other Apple devices using iCloud Photo Sharing. This allows you to add more photos to the iPad photo frame without having to go away from the Photos app. However, you will need to restart the slide show before any newly added images will appear.

◉ To make sure that the iPad does not respond to other controls, you need to enable Guided Access, by going to Accessibility, then Accessibility, then Guided Access in Settings.

Guided Access lets you lock your iPad into an app by triple-pressing the Home button or the Power button on iPads without a Home button.

◉ Then set Display Auto-Lock to Never to make sure the iPad stays on, and set up the Guided Access passcode so that only you and others you trust can disable Guided Access. Just be sure to write down the passcode!

◉ An unnecessary but useful step to take now is to enable Do Not Disturb and Silent Mode. This will prevent notifications or other popups from interrupting your photos.

◉ Now it's time to start the slide show. In the Photos app, open the album you want to use, and enable the slideshow feature by tapping the three-dot button in the top right corner and choosing Slideshow. Use the options button at the bottom right to set the background music, then adjust the speed and transition pattern to your liking. Your slide show should be in motion now, but if it isn't, tap the Play button in the middle of the screen.

◉ Once the slide show starts, enable Guided Access to turn off the iPad or use other apps. Do this by triple pressing the Home button or the Power button.

◉ There are a few last minute options to set here before the iPad is ready to start its function as a new photo frame. Tap the Options button in the lower left, then turn off the touch button, the home button, if any, the top button, and the volume button to prevent someone from intentionally or inadvertently messing up your settings. Then, select Start.

If you haven't done this before, you will need to enter and re-enter your PIN which will allow you to disable Guided Access later.

◉ Sit back and enjoy the slideshow! If you want to do something else with the iPad, like update its software, triple-press the Home button or the Power button and enter your chosen PIN, not your regular unlocking PIN, to disable Guided Access Mode. From here, you can exit the slide show and navigate the iPad normally.

Just be aware that your iPad does not have a battery that lasts for a long time, especially if it is old, so charge the iPad regularly. You may also want a nice shaped stand to keep the iPad upright.

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