Series launched IPhone 14 With the eSIM chip in the United States only, but this caused criticism by users who preferred the traditional SIM and this is why Apple published on its official website a number of features that the eSIM chip can provide to users. Let's find out in the following lines why Apple got rid of the traditional chip and why it decided to use the digital eSIM.

What is an eSIM

The eSIM is a digital SIM that is inside the device and cannot be exchanged, and supports networks through the system itself and through it you are able to operate your number without the need for a physical chip, and the digital chip allows you to install more than 8 chips in your iPhone Two eSIMs can be used at the same time and easily switched between them.

eSIM features

Apple said that the eSim is more secure than the regular one because if the iPhone is lost or stolen, you will not need to replace it or order another SIM and no one can remove the SIM from the phone to disable its services.

Also, the iPhone can store eight eSims or more and you can run two SIMs simultaneously, beside all this, you can switch between those slides easily through the settings on the iPhone.

Apple also notes that if you travel abroad, you can activate international roaming with an eSIM as if you had a physical SIM.

In the event that you purchase one of the iPhone 14 models from America, you can activate the eSim through more than 400 telecom companies in about 100 countries, including Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman, Bahrain and Qatar.

Furthermore, Apple explained that there are many service providers around the world that offer prepaid eSIM data plans for long-term use anywhere in the world.

Finally, Apple has provided support for the virtual eSIM since the iPhone XS and XR but with the iPhone 14 series, the physical SIM card has been literally eliminated in all new iPhone models (in America only). Countries other than America will support the digital eSIM in addition to the traditional SIM and it is expected that Apple will remove the SIM tray in more countries in the coming period.

NoteEgypt is a third world country and still does not support eSIM, 5G technology, Wi-Fi, or connecting the Apple Watch with the telecom network.

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