Apple's advertising department has grown so much that it is preparing to display more ads in its store and applications, but this seems to have raised concerns and concerns within the company, and according to The Information, the company's employees are not satisfied with the large expansion of ads and some have expressed concerns that Apple is focusing on advertising more and this will damage the reputation of the brand, whose goal has always been to provide a distinct experience when using the iPhone and its other products.

This is not the first time that employees have criticized what Apple is trying to do in the field of advertising, as the report revealed that in 2018, Apple had plans to display ads to users in the Spotlight search on the iPhone operating system, but Apple decided to abandon the idea after responses An internal act on command.

Apple's advertising division

According to a new report, there is a blacklist of words that the Apple advertising team is prohibited from ever uttering in front of customers. Instead of using the term “algorithm” to describe its methods for delivering ads, the company advises using the term “platform.” It is strictly forbidden to use the word “takeover”, which in the field of advertising means an advertiser's attempt to buy ads that appear when users search for competing brands, to replace them with words such as “competitor keywords” and “brand defense”.

While all taboo terms are commonly used throughout the advertising industry, this is not the case with Apple because it is not an advertising company. It has built its brand around products that are meticulously designed to deliver a seamless user experience with a strong commitment to protecting users' privacy.

In response to those forbidden words, an Apple spokesperson said, “The company wants its employees to use appropriate language for its offers, and terms such as “targeting” cannot be used because Apple does not allow advertisers to target specific users with ads, and one of the company’s policies is not to allow advertisers to target a demographic group less than 5000 people to protect their privacy.

Google or Facebook competition

Sources indicate that Apple is determined to expand in advertising and will offer new places within its store for ads in addition to providing ads in its own applications. Perhaps there is criticism due to Apple's attempt to expand its advertising activity within its store and applications, but the report indicates that No intention now or in the future To create an advertising network through which the Google or Facebook advertising network competes, and it will not significantly increase the number of ads so that it does not affect the wonderful experience it provides to its users, but Apple's goal is to grow its advertising revenue a little more, and instead of achieving 4 billion dollars now, The company wants to reach $10 billion annually from the advertising division.

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