Sometimes allies and sometimes competitors, this is the relationship between Camel And Google, but the common thing between them is that they want to make a lot of profits, and perhaps Google is the default search engine in Apple devices, but the latter does not want that partnership to remain like this, and the question here is, when does Apple launch a search engine that can compete with Google.

Apple search engine

Apple was planning to eliminate the dominance of the Google search engine by developing its own search engine and for this goal, it acquired Laserlike in late 2018, a startup founded by three search engineers who previously worked at Google, and uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to provide users information about a particular topic and recommend websites based on their interests and browsing history.

Laserlike co-founder Srinivasan Venkatachari was a senior manager on Apple's search team of about 200 employees and was working separately from another team responsible for search results for the Apple App Store. Srinivasan and his team were developing technology for Spotlight search features and Siri suggestions on devices. iPhone and Mac, in addition to improving responses from Apple's voice assistant.

But after four years, the founder of Laserlike returned to Google again, and other employees of the startup followed suit, and this matter was a painful blow to Apple, which was seeking to develop its search engine in order to compete directly with the Google search engine.

Rivals and allies

The relationship between Apple and Google is complex, and it can be said that they are allies and competitors, especially when it comes to the field of search, where Google pays Apple between 18 to 20 billion dollars annually in order for its search engine to be the default engine on all Apple devices, but despite these billions that get Apple has it every year, but it does not want the situation to remain like this and wants to compete directly and get a share of the advertising revenue that is placed with search operations, which gives Google more than you pay to the maker of the iPhone, and for this Apple works on its own search engine quietly and without Making a fuss and trying to develop it so that it is as competitive as the Google search engine.

When does apple drive appear

According to a new report from “The Information” website, Apple still has at least four years to launch an alternative engine to the Google search engine, in addition to that the company needs to increase the budget of the team responsible for the search engine to speed things up, in addition to possibly partnering with Bing. It is a Microsoft search engine similar to the partnership between Google and Apple, and Bing has a small share in the search engine market.

Finally, even if Apple launched its search engine in 2026, there are a number of other things that it must provide such as huge resources, many servers and data centers in order to deal with the massive searches that the Google search engine faces and provides results very quickly, so it is not It is easy to build a strong infrastructure for a search service that can compete with the Google engine even for a company the size of Apple, and until the time for the unveiling of the Apple engine, the company will now be satisfied with obtaining the billions that Google pays it.

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