Siri It is the Apple voice assistant that can be relied on to do many things without the need to use hands, and to activate the Apple voice assistant, all you have to do is say “Hey Siri” and then ask for anything like send a message, get directions, play music, or search for your iPhone, and apparently Apple has decided to make Siri's operation a bit simpler.

Apple Siri voice assistant

Mark Gorman of Bloomberg said: Camel She has been working for a few months on a way to enable her voice assistant Siri to understand the user's phrases and commands without having to use the usual operating phrase "Hey Siri" where the company intends to delete the word "Hey" and then all you have to do is say "Siri" Just to activate the voice assistant on your iPhone.

While this may seem like a simple change, according to Mark, removing just that word was a technical challenge and the complexity here involves Siri's ability to understand the new phrase "Siri" in different accents and intonations. Apple's voice assistant to correctly capture users' commands.

That's why it required Apple a great deal of AI training and engineering work to just delete the "hey" phrase, besides, the company is currently experimenting with the new activation phrase for its voice assistant with the company's employees in order to collect the necessary data and fix any problem that may appear.

Gorman explained that Apple intends to add some other improvements, and this includes integrating the voice assistant more deeply into third-party applications and services and improving its ability to understand user commands and requests in order to do the right thing.

Mark Gorman believes that this change in the phrase about calling Siri is expected to be introduced sometime next year 2023 or may be delayed some time to be launched in 2024.

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Apple is not alone in deciding to simplify the phrase to activate its voice assistant Siri, the e-commerce giant Amazon has also deleted the phrase “Hey” and it is now possible to call the voice assistant when you say “Alexa” only, the same is also with Microsoft Assistant, which can be activated when you say “Cortana” only instead of About “Hey Cortana,” however, there is one company that hasn’t cut back on its voice assistant and that’s Google where you have to say “Ok Google” or “Hey Google” to activate the Google Voice Assistant.

Finally, it's no secret that even though Apple has made more improvements to its Siri voice assistant over the past years, Siri can still often misunderstand commands and wrongly execute user requests. for her famous voice assistant.

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