Tesla founder and new Twitter owner Elon Musk has declared war on... Camel, because of the commission it charges for each in-app purchase in its store, and the company has stopped advertising on Twitter, but this is not the main reason, as Apple threatened to remove Twitter from its application store, why and can the richest man in the world enter into a war with the company that has the most value in the world?

Elon Musk and Apple

Elon Musk published a tweet describing Apple as hating freedom of expression and ridiculing Apple's commission, especially as he is preparing within days to re-launch his paid Twitter Blue service to verify accounts for $8 per month, and this means that Apple will take its 30% commission for every purchase that occurs. On Twitter, but this is not the reason that worries the new owner of Twitter, the real reason is that the company has stopped its advertising activity on the platform and this will harm the tweets and mask, especially since the majority of Twitter's revenue comes from ads on the platform.

Also, there is another reason that may eliminate Twitter completely, which is the policies of the Apple App Store, which in any way prevent any application that has offensive content or incites bullying, violence and hate, and for this reason Twitter was warned that it might be removed from the App Store due to the lack of a policy of supervision. On content, especially since Elon Musk has laid off more than half of the workforce for the tweet site.

Elon Musk and Twitter

The richest man in the world bought Twitter for $ 44 billion, and since the acquisition, the tweet site has become in chaos due to the changes and decisions made by its new owner, through which he tries to increase the revenue of the tweet site, and for this Apple and other companies have stopped their advertising activity on the platform until the situation returns as it was. In the past, Twitter becomes a safe platform for users and advertisers, but Apple's threat to withdraw the application from its store may eliminate Musk's ambition to make Twitter double the profits.

Finally, Musk may mock Apple's threats and publish satirical pictures of his entering the war with it, but Apple has always warned him, the next step will have dire consequences in the event of non-compliance, and the richest man in the world must know that entering Twitter into a battle with Apple means eliminating him, especially He is going through a difficult and difficult time.

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