Smartphones have become an important part of our daily lives and are no longer limited to making calls only, but are now used in order to make our lives more comfortable and in case you decide to upgrade and buy iPhone New, you will find that this step will cost you a lot of money, this means that you need to keep your iPhone for as long as possible and for this in the following lines we will learn how to extend the life of your iPhone to continue with you for many years.

Don't miss updates on the iPhone

In order to maintain your iPhone and ensure the continuation of its work without problems, you need to, not only Update applications installed on the device, but you should also not miss any opportunity to update the iOS operating system, which offers new features besides fixing errors and addressing security issues in addition to improving the performance of your device and making it work faster and smoother, and to update the system on your iPhone Go to Settings, then General, then Software Update, then Automatic Updates.

Rearrange applications

Your iPhone has a limited amount of memory and storage, so install a lot of Applications It can eat up storage space and this makes the device run slower due to the lack of temporary storage space, and the solution to this problem is to remove unnecessary applications or that you do not need as deleting applications can help revive your device and to do this, tap on the application that you want to remove From it for a long time until a menu appears, choose from it to delete the application, and so you will be able to save space on the iPhone and speed up performance.

Use a suitable case or case

Many people don't use a case or case because they think it will hide the design and beauty of their devices IPhone own (indeed, we do not blame them for this), but the case will help protect your iPhone in the event of a fall and this will certainly work to extend its life span to last you for many years. Not to mention that using the case means that your device will remain in good condition, especially if you decide to sell it when you decide to upgrade and buy a new iPhone.

Clean the screen and ports

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After a period of use, you find that a device IPhone It becomes dirty or full of grease and dust, and since you are going to keep the device with you for a longer period, you need to make it clean and to do this you can preserve the screen, back and sides by cleaning them with soft wipes moistened with 70% isopropyl alcohol or 75% ethyl alcohol or wipes Clorox disinfectant. You can also use ear or toothpicks and gently clean the ports. Furthermore, you need to avoid getting these ports wet and Apple recommends not using any cleaning products or compressed air.

Extend battery life

the battery The iPhone is consumable and after a period its efficiency decreases, but there are things if you do it, this will reduce its life span quickly such as leaving the battery up to 0%, also exposing the battery to excessive heat such as leaving the device exposed to sunlight can negatively affect the life span For the battery, and if you plan to keep the iPhone for a longer period, you now need to take care of your device’s battery, and you can learn tips provided by Apple to preserve the battery life of the iPhone from This article.

Replace the battery instead of the phone

Even if you follow the previous advice to preserve the lifespan battery Your iPhone, you may find that it has become useless as it ages over time, then you may think that it is time to upgrade and buy a new iPhone, but what about replacing the battery with a new one instead of buying a new device, this may be the solution appropriate for you, and instead of paying a large amount to buy a new iPhone, you will pay a smaller amount to get a new battery, and you can find out the cost of replacing your device's battery through the website Camel the official.


It will not back up your device data IPhone You don't have to do anything to extend its life, but it does mean that when it's time to say goodbye and upgrade, all your data like contacts, photos, and videos will be there and can be easily restored so you don't have to start over. To turn on iCloud backup, go to Settings. Then iCloud, and then choose Backup on iCloud, and once you activate this feature, you will automatically get 5 GB of free space that can be used to store photos, videos, and any other files.

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