Web browsers are indispensable because they are the gateway that allows you to access the internet and visit websites and without them you wouldn't be able to do anything. So using a browser with strong and fast performance means getting an unparalleled browsing experience, and this is what Apple and Google will offer us in the coming period, as the two companies are working alongside Mozilla on the new generation of web browsers that we will see soon.

Partnership between Apple, Google and Mozilla

Mozilla, Google and Apple have announced a partnership to develop a benchmark tool known as Speedometer 3. which will measure the speed and performance of web browsers. The three companies are major players in the field of web browsers and have a significant share in this market. Where Apple owns its famous browser, Safari, Google has its powerful browser, Chrome, and Mozilla has a wonderful browser, which is Firefox.

What is Speedometer 3 benchmark

It can be said that Speedometer 3 is a benchmark developed by Apple in 2013 with the aim of being used by developers to measure the performance of web applications. This "speedometer" can measure performance by simulating user interactions and how quickly the application responds to them. The tool has been widely used by the developers as it has been very useful to them. Thanks to it, they were able to improve the performance of their applications and provide a smooth experience to the users.

Google says about the new tool that it will work to improve the performance of web browsers in order to give users an unparalleled experience, while Apple made it clear that the standard will help provide a distinctive speed to provide the best performance for the user while surfing the Internet.

Finally, collaboration between the three companies is in its infancy to develop a browser benchmarking tool. Nevertheless, the partnership will constitute an important step in the performance of the Internet and the technology industry in general, because the new tool will ensure that web developers have the professional tools they need, and through them they can create high-performance and easy-to-use applications.

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