Apple has released two firmware updates for AirTag trackers since last November, AirTag 2.0.24 and 2.0.36, but no information has been provided about the features or improvements in these updates. Earlier this week, Apple published a support document explaining the new updates.

According to Apple, firmware update 2.0.24, released on November 10, allows owners of AirTags to use the Precision Search feature to help locate an unknown AirTag on their iPhone.

The feature was announced earlier this year as part of the company's measures to prevent people from using the AirTag for stalking purposes. And when the iPhone detects an unknown AirTag with the user, the person can use the precise search feature along with an audible alert to quickly find and disable the AirTag.

Apple has also improved notification alerts when there is an AirTag that is not related to you. When you turn on the iPhone, a new notification will appear as an alert telling you that you have a strange AirTag somewhere, making a sound to indicate that it has been separated from its owner. It can then be tracked down by sound or micro-search if you have the feature available.

Apple says this change will help a lot if the AirTag is hard to hear or if its speaker has been tampered with.

Of course, some of these features require iPhone 11 or later, as they are based on the U1 chip with Ultra Broadband technology.

As for the 2.0.36 update, which was released on December 12, Apple says it fixed an issue where the AirTag's built-in accelerometer was not activated in certain scenarios. This sensor is likely to be used to help the iPhone detect when the AirTag is moving.

All the features described above require an update to iOS 16.2 or later, while features that use the Precise Search feature require an iPhone 11 or later equipped with the U1 Ultra Wideband chip as mentioned.

Unfortunately, there is no manual update for AirTag devices, and it is only done via Wi-Fi through a connected iPhone. And to make sure that the update occurs, you can put your AirTag in range of your iPhone, and you have to wait until the update is rolled out to your device.

You can check your current AirTag update version through the Find My app.

◉ Open the Find My app.

◉ Click on the Elements tab.

◉ Select your AirTag in the list of items.

◉ Click on your AirTag name, the serial number and firmware version will appear.

Do you own an AirTag? What do you think of the new update? Tell us in the comments.



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