“Dal” is a project whose idea is very distinctive. It will bring us people who work in the field of Islamic applications, so that we can benefit from their experience and learn about their vision.

When the “DAL” team contacted me to be a guest in one of the episodes of the program, and the idea of ​​the DAL project was explained to me, I was very happy with this project. Finally, we will see who are behind these Islamic applications that we have benefited from throughout these years. Finally, we will see these faces, these determinations, Finally we will hear their stories, and we will benefit from their experience.

Project Dal is another Islamic project, but with a new thought, a thought directed to the youth who must find a role model, must feel the joy of success and find themselves in serving what they believe in, the youth who think that there is no gain in religion from serving people and benefiting them, and that participating in Actions that benefit society will not benefit him.

With a project like Dal, he will hear the stories of people whose work has led them to be among the most successful people in the world, and at the same time seek reward from God.

Young people whose minds the media is trying to control with sayings such as “You are busy entering the bathroom with your left foot, and people have ascended to the moon.” As if following the Sunnah of the Messenger prevents us from ascending to the moon, as if it is not possible to combine religion with the reward of the Hereafter.

Dal presents the truth, presents real experiences, for people who were able to combine the reward of this world with the reward of the hereafter. We ask God to bless this wonderful work, and we hope you enjoy the first episode of Rahila's podcast, which is part of Project Dal.

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We hope that you will share the link to this article. We want this project to reach as many young people as possible. In the upcoming episodes of Rahila’s podcast, a group of Islamic application developers will be hosted, and it will be a great opportunity to listen to their experiences and benefit from them.

Tell us in the comments, which Islamic application have you benefited most from? Do you have a desire to know its developer and its story?

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