iOS 16 update is coming With a large number of new features, the lock screen had the lion's share of those new features and changes, and among these features is the depth effect feature that works to improve the background and the way it is displayed with other screen components, but you may choose a background, and you find that the depth effect does not work with it, we will explain In this article, you have everything about this amazing feature.

What is the effect of depth on the iOS 16 lock screen?

When choosing a picture as a background for the lock screen, the iPhone uses artificial intelligence to distinguish between the background and the main subject of the image, such as a person or an animal, and thus will make the time or data on the lock screen between that person and the background, as shown in the image above. As if the image is multi-layered, and this is similar to how portrait photos appear on the Apple Watch.

Mostly, the depth effect is automatically applied to the photo you're using, but it can hide the time and some important data on the lock screen, or it can look problematic. In this case, you can easily disable the depth effect.

Requirements to run the effect of the depth of the lock screen on the iPhone

In order for the depth effect feature to work, these things must be present:

◉ iOS 16 or later update.

◉ iPhone SE or iPhone XR or later.

◉ A suitable background that contains a prominent theme of a person, animal, or other object.

◉ Depth effect depends on the A12 Bionic processor or later to create a multi-layered image.

Depth effect not working on lock screen

If you meet all requirements to turn on Depth Effect and it still doesn't work, try these solutions:

Update the iPhone

If you are facing any problem with anything on the iPhone, the first thing that comes to mind is to make sure that the iPhone is up to date. to the latest versionIn this step, Apple may issue updates that address solutions to existing problems or even problems that may exist in the future, so it is recommended to update first.

Go to Settings, then General, then Software Update, then tap Download and Install if a new update is available.

Once the update is over, the iPhone will restart, then check if the depth effect works or not.

Enable depth effect on the lock screen

You may have disabled the option to turn on depth effect, and to turn it on:

◉ Open Settings.

◉ Select a wallpaper and tap Customize at the bottom of the lock screen wallpaper.

◉ Press the three dots at the bottom and choose Depth Effect menu, then turn it on.

Remove lock screen widget

If you put any widget on the lock screen, the depth effect feature will not work. You will have to remove the widget from the lock screen and here's how:

◉ Open Settings.

◉ Go to wallpapers and choose customize under lock screen.

◉ Click on any user widget and then remove it by clicking on the symbol (-).

◉ Press Done once all widgets used in the wallpaper have been removed.

Try a different lock screen wallpaper

You may need a background with a clear and visible theme as mentioned such as a person or an animal that can cover the clock area. The background must have an acceptable resolution for the depth effect feature to work properly.

Some backgrounds, even with a clear and prominent object, may not work with the depth effect feature, to solve this problem, switch between backgrounds until one works.

And if you are determined on that background, you should make some changes to it, such as darkening parts of the image, especially the background, to make the object more visible.

You can google some depth effect wallpapers, and you will undoubtedly find the most amazing ones.

Reposition the object in the background

The AI ​​on iOS may fail to separate the foreground from the background, and you may need to reposition the object in the background for the depth effect to work, so do the following:

◉ Open Settings.

◉ Go to wallpapers and then customize wallpaper.

◉ Slowly drag the wallpaper with two fingers until it is just below the lock screen clock.

Restart the iPhone

Rebooting is the best way to fix a lot of software bugs. So if you're having a problem with the depth effect, restart your iPhone.

The feature is still in its infancy, and there may be updates and improvements to it that reduce any future issues.

Do you use depth effect feature on your lock screen wallpaper? Did you encounter any problem using it? And how did you solve it? Tell us in the comments.



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