An update to my prayer app has been announced After five years of not updating, this news was received by many application users with great joy, and since this time we have been working hard, so that the To My Prayer application becomes the best application for prayer times, and a number of updates have been issued, each of which brings great features, to this distinguished application, so Let us tell you why the To My Prayer app is different from other prayer apps.

ElaSalaty: Muslim Prayer Times

Prayer times for all the world

What I love most for my prayer users in the previous version is the easy way to add more than one city and move between them, and this is very useful for expatriates, who have family or friends in distant cities, and they want to know the prayer times of their families, so that they can communicate with them at an appropriate time.

But the old version had a problem, which is the difficulty of adding the city as you must follow a number of steps and be sure of the prayer settings for each city, also when you change the city by dragging, the settings of your device will change and then you will receive notifications of prayer times that are not compatible with your city and you must You remember to bring your city back again.

Now with an update to my prayer, this feature has become more practical and easy to use, with the hadeeth that it is possible to view the prayer times anywhere in the world without difficulty, without changing your device settings and spoiling your notifications, and you can even know the prayer times in another city and its opposite. your local time.

The steps are simple, go to the times screen, press search, type the name of any city in the world, then choose it... It will show you the prayer times in this city, its time and your local time below it. Under the name of the city, you will find the current time for this city.

Imagine, without settings, without setting the time zone, without setting the method of calculating prayer... You have prayer times in all the world under your hand with a simple touch, and better than that, you will not need to type the name of this city again, as it will be saved to you, and thus move between cities Very fast.

In order for the application to be more practical, it allows you, when clicking on any of the prayer times, to make an appointment in the Apple calendar application, and this appointment corresponds to the prayer time in the city you have chosen, but with your local time, and therefore if you tell your friend who lives in Riyadh that you will talk to him after Asr prayer It's very easy to make an appointment at this time.

Modern interface, new and distinctive themes

What really distinguishes the To My Prayer application is its elegant, animated interface, and themes that completely change the colors of the application and change the look of the full Azan screen, so that the application becomes harmonious and not boring when used. The hard equation is to make the application fun and at the same time with advanced settings, and to have every important setting under one tap of your finger, and for example…

  • Click on the name of the city and quickly scroll between the cities previously registered to you
  • Click on the Hijri date to adjust it
  • Click on any prayer to see the elapsed or remaining time on it
  • Long press on any prayer and it is possible to adjust the times or change the sound of the call to prayer
  • Click on the time to enable or disable the current activities feature

All this and more than just the main screen, everything is under your hand and quickly, without entering the settings. Everything you need is right in front of you and without distorting the beautiful interface, and speaking of the beautiful interface, the application themes are amazing, and they are constantly updated.

Accurate prayer times

With every update of the To My Prayer application, we work on the main thing, which is setting prayer times, not for one place in the world, but for every place in the world. Also, it will not have the benefit that we consider essential, which is to see prayer times anywhere in the world, such as weather applications. Imagine a weather application for one place.

Therefore, in the latest update of the To My Prayer application, we have developed the location adjustment feature for the middle of the city, which calculates prayer times from the city center regardless of your location, and if you move to another city, it will automatically calculate the prayer time using the city center of the place you moved to, and thus times are Prayer is closer to what your city adopts.

Hey Siri

Imagine saying, “Hey Siri, to my prayer time” and Siri replying to you… “It was dinner time at a quarter past six, did you pray for dinner?” You say yes… She calls Siri for you, but if you don’t pray, Siri will be disappointed with you, and encourage you on prayer.

This wonderful feature uses the latest Apple technologies in the iOS 16 system to support Siri on your device without the need for shortcuts. And you will find Siri responding to you wonderfully, even responding intelligently, and asking you whether you prayed or not.

Many features

An application to my prayer that has many features, we may talk about it later, everything in this application works exceptionally, even if you press the notification for a long time, you will get important information for you, such as the direction of the qiblah and the time remaining until the end of the prayer time. You request a snooze so that you will be alerted again later.

To My Prayer application is very special and deserves to be used, and if you are one of the first users of this application and left it, we hope that you will give it a chance, and try to get used to its new systems, and once you get used to it and know how to use its powerful tools, you will never leave it, and you will contact us until we add it More.

ElaSalaty: Muslim Prayer Times

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