Autocorrect is a useful feature that is built into the device IPhone As long as it works correctly, you will be able to type quickly and easily because it corrects spelling errors automatically but sometimes it doesn't correct the words you want or changes the word to something you didn't mean. When that happens, you'll want to fix it right now, so we'll learn about some solutions when autocorrect doesn't work on your iPhone.

Autocorrect and predictive text

The first thing to check is to make sure that autocorrect is turned on on the iPhone. If your device's settings have been switched in some way, autocorrect may have been turned off unintentionally. To enable the feature, go to Settings on your iPhone, tap General, then Keyboard, and turn on autocorrect.

The next step after checking that the autocorrection feature is enabled is to make sure that the predictive text feature is turned on, which works to know the word that you want to type correctly and to enable predictive text, press the keyboard settings and then turn on the predictive text or go to the settings on the iPhone and then General and click on keyboard and then turn on predictive text.

If you find that both features are already turned on and autocorrect still doesn't work, you can try turning autocorrect off and then on again.

Add words to the iPhone dictionary

Sometimes autocorrect doesn't know certain words you're trying to type, so adding words to the iPhone dictionary can prevent autocorrect from changing or typing them wrong in the future. To add words to the iPhone dictionary, follow these steps:

  • Open Settings
  • Click General
  • Scroll down and tap Keyboard
  • Click Replace Text
  • Click on the + icon to add a word to the dictionary
  • In the phrase field, type the word you want to add

You can also add a shortcut so the keyboard automatically knows what you're trying to type, for example, you can type GM and it will be replaced with Good Morning automatically.

So with the word in the text-replacement dictionary, AutoCorrect will now recognize what you're trying to type and stop changing your words.

How to reset autocorrect

If your text replacement isn't working properly or AutoCorrect doesn't seem to be recognizing words in your dictionary, it might be a good idea to try resetting it with these steps:

  • Open the Settings app
  • Then click General
  • Scroll down and tap Transfer or Reset iPhone
  • Press Reset
  • Click Reset keyboard dictionary

This will clear your iPhone's text-replacement dictionary, and restore it to its original state.

Turn off and turn on the iPhone

When you encounter a problem with the iPhone, the first and easiest solution you can do is to turn off the device and then restart it again, and this often helps in solving any problem, and to close the iPhone, do the following:

For models with Face ID, press and hold the Side button and the Volume button at the same time, then drag the Power off slider.

For models that have a home button, press and hold the side button, then drag the slider.

Or go to Settings, then General, and then choose to turn off your iPhone. To turn the device back on, use the side button.

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