Apple gave us a lineup IPhone 14 With many powerful and wonderful features, most of which were exclusive to the higher category (iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max), and for this reason there was a strong demand to buy these models, and yet it seems that some users are complaining that there is a problem that appeared to them and that they could not get rid of.

Horizontal problem

Many iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max users have reported via social media such as Reddit and Twitter that a line or several horizontal lines appear on the screen after turning on their devices.

Users complained that their devices displayed green and yellow horizontal lines across the screen when the iPhone was turned on from sleep mode or even when the device was closed and restarted again. Also, the defect does not occur every time or continuously.

As one of the Reddit users said that after sending his iPhone 14 Pro Max to one of the centers affiliated with Apple, the technician told him that the problem may be in the operating system and not the device itself, as the problem continued to appear after a factory reset and did not disappear after updating the iPhone. -iPhone to iOS 16.2.

Also, another user mentioned that during a phone call with Apple Support, the latter said that the company is aware of the problem and is looking for the cause of its occurrence and solutions in order to fix it.

Apple responded

With the increasing emergence of the problem among a large number of users, Apple said through its official support account on Twitter that it is aware of the problem, and the defect will be fixed in iPhone 14 devices by launching an update soon.

It seems that the problem is not widespread, but there are a good number of users who suffer from it, so it is expected that Apple will launch the iOS 16.2.1 update soon to fix the problem of the appearance of horizontal lines on the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max screen.

Finally, this is not the first problem to appear in the upper category of the iPhone 14 lineup, as a number of problems appeared in the last period, the last of which was the vibration of the device’s camera when using external applications, and this led to blurry photos.

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