The iOS 16.2 update includes a number of features and improvements, part of which we mentioned in a previous article – this link In this article, we complete the most important of what was mentioned in the new update.

Improved AirDrop security

Apple launched AirDrop 11 years ago, and many are still misusing it by sharing unwanted photos, videos, web pages, files, and other content with random people. In iOS 16.2, this issue has been fixed by changing the “Everyone” option to “Everyone for 10 minutes.” When the XNUMX minutes are up, AirDrop automatically reverts to Contacts Only to prevent unwanted requests to receive content.

Changes to the Weather app

In select cities, you may see weather news articles that provide a 10-day forecast, which open in the News app or, alternatively, in your web browser.

The iOS 16.2 update also added minute-by-minute weather forecast data, where you can view a daily summary of the weather for a particular day through interactive line charts that you can drag on to see data values ​​at different times of the day.

This results in accurate weather data such as temperature, UV index, wind, humidity, visibility, and pressure. Any momentary change in the weather you will see right before your eyes.

Big changes in the Shortcuts app

Shortcuts for wallpapers:

◉ Shortcut to get wallpapers for the lock screen and use them with other actions, for iPhone only.

◉ As well as a shortcut to switch between backgrounds, such as switching the current lock screen background, is also available for iPhone only.

◉ Also a shortcut to set the background image, this was present but has been renamed and made improvements to it, and it sets the background to a specific image.

Books app shortcuts

There is more than one action you can do with shortcuts for books, such as add PDF to books, change book appearance, change page navigation, change view in books, open current book, play audiobook, play current audiobook, search books, change page , and so on.

Update battery status shortcut

When you create a shortcut or action in Shortcuts to display the current battery percentage, you'll notice that the Get Battery Level action has been renamed to Get Battery Status, but it's just a simple name change. Previously, the shortcut only gave you the current battery level, but the latest update lets you switch to "Charging" or "Plugged in." The previous image shows the shortcut, old and new.

Game Center widget update

There are still three Game Center widgets, but they're called Activity on iOS 16.2, and they work a little differently. The game will still open if you click on its name or icon in the widget, but there are a few other things going on in the new version.

You can click on Activity to open a new full-screen Game Center window with more activity details.

You can click on a contact's name to open their profile in the same window, and closing either window will take you back to the widget.

Also, Game Center now supports SharePlay during FaceTime calls for multiplayer games, so you can play with people all over the world and feel like you're in the same room with them.

Turn off Hide IP address in Safari

If you subscribe to iCloud+ and use iCloud Private Relay to hide your Safari IP address from the sites you visit, there is now an option to turn this feature off or on for each website in the Settings page.

But at the present time, it seems that this feature works for a certain time or for one session, meaning, for example, if you exit the site or make an update to it, you may have to turn it off again.

Comments on unintended emergency operation

The iOS 16.2 update shows a notification when emergency is turned on on the iPhone, and when you click on the notification, it opens notes, and asks you if you have requested emergency on purpose or not? And if you say you accidentally triggered the emergency, you'll see more questions, including:

How did you know that the emergency SOS was running on your iPhone?

Where was your iPhone when Emergency SOS was turned on?

What were you doing at the time of the emergency SOS operation?

Do you know how to run emergency SOS on the iPhone?

Have you accidentally run Emergency SOS on your iPhone this way before?

After sending or canceling the report, you will be redirected to the Emergency SOS settings to adjust your preference if necessary.

It is possible that Apple has added this to the iOS 16.2 update due to the many problems that occurred due to unintended emergency calls, most of which were due to the collision detection feature on the iPhone 14, which was launched a lot when the owners of these devices were riding on roller coasters in amusement parks, and when skydiving. and in other similar scenarios.

Improved collision detection

To address the issues with collision detection that we mentioned in the previous section, iOS 16.2 has improved the feature so that there are fewer false crash detections on iPhone 14 models.

Change the way you zoom in on the screen

When you go to Settings -> Display & Brightness, you will see that the “Display Zoom” section at the bottom is now “Display” and it had the “View Preview” option. Now the name has been changed to “Display Zoom”.

New icon to control nearby devices

If you go to Settings -> Accessibility, you'll see that the Nearby devices control icon now contains a picture of a device with signal lines, not just signal lines.

Release notes for the current iOS version

When you go to Settings -> General -> About -> iOS Version, you'll see the full release notes that Apple previously displayed on the Software Update screen before installing the update.

Prior to the iOS 16.2 update, you'd only see the iOS version and build number and something like “This update includes improvements and bug fixes for your iPhone. Now, you can see the actual feedback.

5G support in India

Apple may take a bigger bite of India's manufacturing pie

Users in India on select carriers like Airtel and Jio can finally connect to 5G networks.

Security updates and improvements

As with most iOS updates, iOS 16.2 comes with security patches for vulnerabilities found in the previous iOS version. 33 security issues were resolved.

What do you think about the features of the iOS 16.2 update for today? What feature do you like the most? What features would you like to see in future updates? Tell us in the comments.


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