WhatsApp for iOS has been updated with some new features. One of these features is the ability to create a conversation with yourself. Have you tried it and is it like the “Saved Messages” feature in Telegram, or something else? Have you tried the rest of the features? Let's first learn about the new updates, some may have tried it, and others were not aware of it.

Feature Talk to yourself on WhatsApp

Before introducing the feature of updating with yourself or Message yourself, if you wanted to save messages, notes and files on the application in a way that is easy to access quickly, you had to send them to a friend or create a group that would be yours alone, only you in it and no one with you, to refer to in time of need, did you you do that?

But with the new feature, you can simply click on "New Chat" and select "Message yourself" to start the conversation with yourself. In it, you can send whatever stickers, links, photos, videos, files, audios, and more, but of course you can't make a voice or video call to yourself.

Search for a message by date

Another interesting feature is the ability to search for a message by date, and this is by clicking on “Search” from the contact or group information and then on the calendar icon, then you can discover messages sent on a specific date.

Other Features

◉ The application also offers the ability to control who can see you when you are online, through “Settings”, then “Privacy” and select “Last seen & Online” to change the information. If you choose 'No one', even if the WhatsApp desktop app is open, it will not show that you are online.

◉ WhatsApp also introduces the ability to drag and drop to share photos, videos, and documents from other apps like Safari and Photos and Files to chat.

◉ The long-awaited “Delete for me” undo feature is also available, as WhatsApp began rolling out this feature at the end of last December after the head of WhatsApp, Will Cathcart, announced its availability to more users.

The message can be deleted by pressing and holding it, then deleting, and if you choose “Delete for me”, an Undo button will appear for you to undo the deletion.

Now that you have updated and tried these features, what do you think about them? Tell us in the comments.



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