The calculator application is one of the most important and most used applications on our phones, but our knowledge of its characteristics and features does not exceed a few such as simple calculations, in this article we mention to you some subtleties in the application of the calculator on the iPhone. You may know some of them, but reminding them will be useful to you even Use the calculator application professionally and more efficiently.

Open the scientific calculator

Rotate the iPhone to landscape orientation, and the calculator will automatically change from a standard calculator, for basic arithmetic calculations, to a scientific calculator, for exponential, logarithmic, trigonometric functions, and more.

You will find more advanced options like sine of cosine or cos, trigonometry tan, square root v, natural logarithm ln, and pseudorandom number generator Rand most useful for science, engineering, and advanced math.

Clear the numbers you entered

If you meant to type 523 instead of 532, the 'Shake to Undo' option will not remove this error. To delete numbers one by one, just swipe left or right on the numbers, and the last number will be deleted.

You can also clear all numbers at once by pressing the C button. Only the last entry will be cleared, not all previous operations.

start again

If you need to start from scratch, press the “AC” key, meaning “All Clear.” And if you don't see the "AC" button, it's because it only appears after there are calculations on the screen, so you have to press "C" first before "AC" appears in its place.

Copy and paste numbers

Apple's help pages only mention one way to copy and paste numbers into a calculator, but there are many different ways to do it. If you're trying to paste a number, you won't see the "Paste" option unless you already have the number stored in your clipboard.

◉ Press and hold the currently displayed number. Click "Copy" in the menu to copy the number, or click "Paste" if you have a number stored in the clipboard.

◉ Double-click the currently displayed number. Click "Copy" in the menu to copy the number, or click "Paste" if you have a number stored in the clipboard.

◉ Tap the screen with three fingers. Click the copy icon, center button, to copy the number currently displayed, or click the paste icon, to the right of the copy, if you have a number stored in the clipboard that you want to use in the account, iOS 13 and later only.

◉ Tap the screen with three fingers. This will copy the currently displayed number. It's best to do this in an empty space, so you don't accidentally press a button.

◉ Tap the screen with three fingers and then spread them apart. Reverse pinch three fingers. This will paste the number currently displayed, iOS 13 and later only.

Copy the last result

If you are in the Calculator app and need to copy the current result, you can use one of the options above. And if you're no longer in the Calculator app, there are still some ways to do that.

◉ Open Control Center, then press and hold the calculator icon.

◉ Long press the calculator app on the home screen.

◉ Long press on the calculator app in the app library.

◉ Long press on the Calculator app in Spotlight search.

◉ In either case, you will see the “Copy last result” option.

Do the math in the search

With Spotlight search, you can perform calculations directly from it instead of opening the calculator app.

To open the search, swipe down on the home screen or the day view, you can access the day view by swiping right on the lock screen, the first page on the home screen, and even the pull-down notification center.

In the search, enter the formula or formula. A box will appear just below the search field with the result. Click on it, and it will take you to the calculator with your search result.

You won't be able to do advanced calculations because the keys lock you to your keyboard, but this is solvable by installing a keyboard with more calculator functionality.

Have Siri do the math for you

Whether you use Type to Siri, Hey Siri, or Siri Shortcut, you can ask her to do the math for you. Just say something like: "What is 74 times 14?" or “What is 28 percent of 225?” or “What is a third of 456?”.

And if you try to ask her more advanced questions, Siri won't use the calculator to give you results. It will use WolframAlpha or Safari to provide you with solutions or links to possible answers.

In other cases, the calculator may give you the wrong answer because it does not understand the problem well.

Rethink how you use buttons

When using a calculator, most of us enter a number, then press a symbol, but that's not the only way to do it. Let's say you want to convert % to decimal form. Normally you would type in the number, then press the % key. You can tap and hold the % key first, then type the number and let go of the % key to get the same result. Try it with other buttons and icons, and you may find it's faster in some cases.

Press the 2nd button to find more options

This can be useful, since not all options fit on the keyboard, you can click on the “2nd” button to change the functions of some other keys. For example, sin will convert to sin-1, ln to logY, eX to yX, etc.

Generate random numbers

In the scientific calculator, there is the “RAND” switch, which is a random generator that produces a number between zero and one 0 when pressed and then pressed equals, such as 1, and pressing equals still produces random numbers 0.88 and so on. The random number generation feature is used in many issues such as statistics, programming, and so on.

Make the iPhone speak the numbers

By tapping and holding or double-tapping the current number, then selecting “Speak” each number and symbol will be spoken separately in order. If you don't see these menu options, enable them at Settings -> Accessibility -> Spoken Content -> Speak Selection, iOS 13 and later.

Note that Apple may have modified how the Spell Selection tool works in the calculator in iOS 16, so you may not see the word "Spell" appear in the list. You will still see "Speak".

Resize and darken numbers and text

If you think it's hard to see numbers or buttons in Calculator, you can capitalize some letters or capitalize them all.

You can change the text size with Text Size in Control Center, both for the calculator and system-wide, it's easier to automate it so you don't have to do it again. There is no control center button for bold text, so making a shortcut is better in this case.

◉ On iOS 15 or later, go to Settings -> Accessibility -> Per-App Settings, then select Calculator.

◉ You can change the bold text and larger text options to suit your needs.

◉ Bold text will affect entered numbers and results, as well as buttons, but larger text will only affect entered numbers and results, and only small numbers since numbers automatically shrink as they get longer and longer.

Change the color of the calculator manually

◉ The color of the calculator can be changed, you can use Classic Invert, Color Filters or Reduce White Point through accessibility settings.

◉ The Classic Invert setting changes the theme to an inverted color scheme.

◉ The Color Filters menu gives you many options, from grayscale to red green to green red or blue yellow, and you can even color the screen with any gradient.

◉ White point reduction only dims the screen.

◉ You can access these options through Settings

◉ Accessibility -> Screen and Text Size, iOS 13 and later.

◉ General -> Accessibility -> Display Accommodations, iOS 12 and earlier.

◉ The Zoom Filters feature works too, which lets you choose an inverted, grayscale, inverted grayscale, and low-light look. You can access these options through Settings:

◉ Accessibility -> Zoom -> Zoom Filters on iOS 13 and later.

◉ General -> Accessibility -> Zoom -> Zoom Filters on iOS 12 and earlier.

◉ To make the method more useful, add it to the “Accessibility Shortcut” through the “Accessibility” preferences.

◉ Next, double-click the power button or home button to activate the colors while using the calculator, and then do it again when you leave it.

◉ And you can add Accessibility Shortcuts control to Control Center for quick switching.

Automatically change the color of the calculator

With the Shortcuts app, you can create an automated task that changes the colors of the calculator each time you open it. You can learn how to create a shortcut and auto task by browsing the tag – Shortcuts.

The truth is that the tricks and tips for using the calculator are not over, otherwise the topic is long and has some complications that we do not need.

Did you know all these tricks? And what tricks you didn't know before? Tell us in the comments.


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