There is no doubt that photography in low light or at night in general has evolved greatly, and now it is considered one of the best features on the iPhone, as processing has evolved and has become more natural, and the famous 9to5mac asked its followers on Twitter to send the best of their collection of photos that were taken Using the night mode, and the pictures were really amazing, we saw that we share some of them with you and learn the mechanism of taking night pictures on the iPhone.

Among the photographic modes in the camera on the iPhone is the “night” mode, which is unlike other modes and characteristics of the camera. It does not require your intervention to activate it or switch between it and normal photography, because it is turned on and set automatically when the iPhone senses the low light around it.

When this mode is enabled, it greatly improves images by increasing exposure time to the iPhone camera. And in the end you will see the result of some amazing shots.

Note: Night mode is available on all iPhone 11 and later models, as well as the iPad Pro.

How to use photography in the night mode on the iPhone

Since you cannot turn on the night shooting mode manually and there is no setting for that, you will need to be in a low or medium light environment for the gray or yellow moon icon to appear.

◉ Open the camera app and switch to photo mode. And look for the moon icon at the top.

◉ If it is greyed out, it means that night mode shooting is available, but it does not work automatically because the scene is too bright.

◉ If the moon icon appears yellow, it is automatically powered on and ready to use.

◉ Next, tap the up arrow and then the yellow moon icon at the bottom to set the exposure time.

◉ Finally, keep the iPhone as stable as possible during capture. A yellow moon icon indicates the duration, and a countdown will also appear above the take photo button.

Some pictures taken at night

Here are some of the best night photography photos shared on Twitter.

This photo was taken with the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

This is the iPhone 11 Pro

This is the iPhone 11 Pro Max

This is the iPhone 14 Pro Max

Did you shoot with the Night mode? How were the pictures for you? Tell us in the comments.



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