The use of emoji has become common, and your comments may not be without adding a heart, laughing emoji, sad, angry, or many other things, but we may use emoji and it is in fact not what we want, as it is unlike what we think, and it was created for a different purpose, and it is easy to know the purpose Through the name of this emoji, unfortunately, you will not see the names of these emoji on the iPhone, but there are some tools that you can use to display their names. One of them is using the Shortcuts app, where you enter the emoji and you see the name. There is also another trick through the iPhone's built-in speech tools and it will tell you the names of the emoji. In this article, we learn about these methods.

Why do we need to know the emoji names?

Knowing the emoji names helps us when you use Siri or Dictation to write text for you, and this is in the iOS 16 update, when you say the emoji names, they will be converted to the appropriate emoji form. This method works in Mail, Messages, WhatsApp, and any other app that allows Siri to add text. And if you don't know the name of the emoji, Siri and Dictation won't understand what you're talking about, and what you say will be typed without any conversion.

The easiest way to find emoji names on iPhone

You might have that face 😗 kissing or whistling, are those hands praying, thanking, asking, and is that brown thing 💩 chocolate ice cream or something else? The iPhone can help you determine the intentions designed for the emoji. One method will show you his name, and the other will say his name.

Use the Shortcuts app to find out the emoji's name

Apple has a pre-made shortcut in the Shortcuts app to see the emoji names, you can add it through this link:

Name That Emoji Shortcut

◉ For the manual method, open the shortcuts and then enter the “Gallery” tab

◉ Find and select the shortcut “Name That Emoji”.

◉ You can click the add (+) button on the Name That Emoji card to add it to your library.

◉ You can also click on the card to see more details about the shortcut, and with Shortcut link Above you can find details about the shortcut. On this page, you can click (•••) on the card to review actions or “Add Shortcut” to add it to your library.

◉ Next, head over to the Shortcuts tab to test it out.

◉ Tap on the new Name That Emoji card to start the task.

◉ A box will open for you to enter one or more emojis.

◉ Once added, tap Done, and the shortcut will display the official names of these icons.

◉ Press “OK” to exit the shortcut.

◉ When you enter more than one emoji, the shortcut lists the names under each other, so you know which name the emoji belongs to and there is no confusion.

◉ It is not recommended to run the Name That Emoji shortcut from the Shortcuts app every time you want to know the name of the emoji.

Apple mentions in the shortcut card in the gallery that you can use the phrase “Hey Siri, Name That Emoji” to launch the shortcut, and Siri will ask you to say the name of the memoji you want to type, and we don’t want that, of course.

Alternatively, you can add the shortcut to your home screen for easy access.

◉ Press and hold the Name That Emoji shortcut card in your shortcut library and select "Details".

◉ Next, tap on “Add to Home Screen” followed by “Add” on the next screen.

◉ Then tap the Name That Emoji icon on your home screen or app library.

A quicker way to activate the shortcut is to set the Back Tap gesture. Go to Settings -> Accessibility -> Touch, then choose Double-Tap or Triple-Tap. Find and select the “Name That Emoji” shortcut, then test it by clicking on the back of the iPhone two or three times, depending on your choices.

Use the speech tools built into the iPhone to learn the name of the emoji

If you'd rather your iPhone tell you what emoji means by saying its name, there are some built-in speech tools you can use in different situations.

Enable the Speak Selection tool

Go to Settings -> Accessibility -> Spoken Content, then turn on Speak Selection. This will allow you to highlight the content on the screen, such as emojis in drafts, notes, articles, etc., and say their name.

Enable touch and hold for the predictions tool

Go to Settings -> Spoken Content, open "Typing Feedback", then enable "Hold to Speak Predictions". This will allow you to tap and hold an emoji or word in your keyboard suggestions and say its name.

Now write a message or comment anywhere on the iPhone and then add an emoji, double-click it to highlight it, or triple-click any character to select an entire line of emoji if you added more than one. From the pop-up menu, select Speak.

Once you press "Speak," the iPhone will speak the name of the emoji. While most emojis are named for what they look like, some of the names may surprise you.

Try what is mentioned in this article and write us a comment with an emoji and its name.


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