Four months after iOS 16 Update ReleasedSpecifically, last SeptemberAvailability of many features And useful, and after other sub-updates worked on more stability of the system and a solution to the problems and errors of previous versions, despite all this, some users are still complaining about the occurrence of some problems on their device, and perhaps most of them are due to the collision detection feature on the iPhone 14, including the slowness of the dashboard keys, auto restart, camera freeze and more, in this article we shed light on these issues.

Complaints have been received on Twitter, Reddit, Apple Support, and other sites and platforms, stating that they are facing a number of problems, especially after the latest update, such as poor system performance in general, problems with Spotlight search, the keyboard not appearing in applications, large battery drain, and application freezing. Camera, focus mode issues, Apple Music issues, HomeKit accessories not working, and other CarPlay issues.

Out of the many problems this expert commented and said:

And this account did a poll on the existence of problems:

This account will display this problem

And other problems.

On Reddit, some users reported that apps can freeze right after opening or crash completely while in use.

Another said: “This started happening after updating to iOS 16.2, when I use any app it freezes for a few seconds.”

Another said: “Yeah, it was horrible! I decided that this year I would upgrade my phone to iPhone 14 Pro and it was too bad.”

Some users also reported issues with the Home app after the iOS 16.2 update, despite the major update receiving an extensive redesign, and Apple's promise of faster and more reliable performance. But later, users reported problems with the accessories and that they did not work, forcing Apple to withdraw the update.

Reports indicate that the problems are not limited to a specific iPhone model, as the problems appeared on all iPhone devices supporting the iOS 16 update, even with iPhone 14 models.

All these problems are related to the system, and unfortunately there are no permanent solutions to them. Restarting the iPhone may solve some of them, and it is expected that Apple will issue an iOS 16.2.1 update before the release of iOS 16.3, to solve these problems.

Are you facing a problem after updating to iOS 16.2? And what did you do to solve it? Tell us in the comments.



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