Apple had made a decision at the beginning of this year to get rid of its economic device forever IPhone SE 4 After the strong collapse in sales of previous versions of the device and the reluctance of many users to buy other similar iPhone devices such as Mini and Plus, but apparently, the company decided to back down from its decision and reproduce the fourth generation of the iPhone SE.

Series iPhone SE

The iPhone SE lineup appeared after Apple saw the increasing demand for economical or low-cost phones, and the company launched a great strategy, which is to transfer the new processor inside a device with an old design, and the result is a device with a familiar design, suitable performance, and a reasonable price, and the first generation appeared in 2016 at a price of $ 399 and now it is The price of the third generation of the iPhone SE is only $ 429. However, Apple's strategy did not work as expected, as the demand for the iPhone SE series was weak.

That is why Apple postponed the launch of the iPhone SE 4 more than once until the leaks indicated the end of the series and stopping work on the next version of the device after it was seeking to experiment with getting rid of Qualcomm chips and using a 5G modem of its design, and the iPhone SE 4 was the test mouse. Based on the performance and condition, it will be relying on the Apple modem in the iPhone 16 lineup expected to be announced next year.

The return of the iPhone SE 4

According to the famous analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple has changed its mind and plans to unveil the fourth generation of the iPhone SE, which will not be an economical phone with a design inspired by the iPhone XR, but will be a copy of IPhone 14 standard.

 Ming also provided details about the specifications of the fourth generation of the iPhone SE, which includes a 6.1-inch OLED screen instead of an LCD with a thin frame, and if the analyst's words are correct, the iPhone SE 4 will be the first device in the lineup without a home button with A full screen, and it will also be the first of its kind with MagSafe wireless charging and may support a face print instead of a fingerprint, with the ability to connect to satellites similar to the iPhone 14.

In addition, Apple will support its new device with its 5G modem, and that chip has been under development for some time in an attempt by the company to move away permanently from Qualcomm and its chips that it uses in all iPhone devices, as the third generation of the iPhone SE works with a Snap modem. Dragon X57, which supports 5G networks, and it is expected that the iPhone 15 lineup will work this year with the Snapdragon X70 modem, but with the revival of the fourth generation of the iPhone SE, Apple may use its own modem in the iPhone 16 series.

Finally, the analyst Ming did not talk about the launch date of the iPhone SE 4, but the Apple modem will not appear before next year, so the fourth generation of the iPhone SE may be announced in 2024, specifically in the month of March, as Apple did with previous versions of the lineup. It would be a great addition to the company's devices, and this time it might attract the attention of users because it would be a lite version of the standard iPhone 14 with modern features at a reasonable price.

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