Apple added a new security feature for the user's Apple account on iPhones that are running the system iOS 16.3 called Security KeysIt allows users to add an extra physical layer of security to their Apple ID. Even if someone else gets hold of the password, it won't work without proper security keys. This takes the security features on Apple systems and devices a big step forward. In this article, we show you how to set up these security keys.

What are the security keys for an Apple account?

Security Keys is a feature that uses a physical key as an additional security measure to protect your iPhone, iPad, and Mac. They often resemble USB flash drives and provide multi-factor authentication for added security. And they can be connected using a USB-A cable, USB-C cable, Lightning cable, or with NFC.

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How do Apple ID security keys work?

Security keys provide an extra layer of protection for your Apple account through the use of multi-factor authentication, and makes it difficult to access your account, even if they get your password.

The first layer of authentication is your Apple ID username and password, and the physical key acts as the second layer, so hackers will need your password and physical access to both your device and hardware key, even if they are phishing MFA codes that are sent to you to confirm authentication.

Requirements for setting security keys?

◉ You will need a FIDO-certified security key compatible with Apple devices.

◉ That the iPhone update to iOS 16.3 or the iPad update to iPadOS 16.3 or update macOS Ventura 13.3 for Macs or later.

◉ In order to access the Apple Watch, Apple TV, or HomePod after setting up security keys, you will need an iPhone or iPad with support for security keys.

◉ Multi-factor authentication has been done for the Apple TV account.

You can get these keys through Amazon

How to use iPhone security keys

First, get the security keys, you will need at least two security keys, and a maximum of six keys, and it is recommended that you have two keys because you may lose one or even forget its location, and the security keys must be FIDO approved.

Secondly, go to Settings, then click on your name. Next, click on Password and Security.

Then scroll down and add security keys.

Then register the first security key, you can limit yourself to one key, but we recommend two as we mentioned, so I press this key to register.

The iPhone will prompt you to enter a passcode, confirm that you want to add a security key, then plug in the security key, then name it. See the following pictures.

Here you can add a security key:

Here, press Continue, and notice here that it advises you to add two keys because it is possible to lose one of them:

Here it prompts you to enter the first key:

Then enter the name of the first key:

Record other security keys

You can register the second security key, then follow the instructions that appear in front of you to register it on the iPhone.

Here it prompts you to enter the name of the second key:

Verify that there are no unauthorized devices connected to your Apple ID

Then, you are presented with a list of devices connected to your Apple account, make sure they are yours, otherwise remove what you want to remove.

Keep security keys in separate places

Make sure you keep your keys in different locations for more security, and don't keep both keys in the same place to avoid losing them, eg put them on one keychain.

How do you stop using security keys for an Apple account?

If you no longer want to use a security key, you can do the following:

◉ Open Settings, tap your name, then tap Password & Security.

◉ Click on Security Keys, then click on Remove All Security Keys.

◉ Then, your Apple account reverts to using the six-digit verification code for multi-factor authentication.

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