The only obstacle that prevents hackers, thieves, law enforcement, and even trusted individuals from accessing your device is locking it with a strong passcode, but this is not completely impossible. Or even completely impossible to hack.

Apple launched a feature Lockdown On iOS 16, which adds a security layer to your device, but you will only use it in the narrowest limits if you are a distinguished target for hackers, such as being a prominent politician or otherwise, except that the iPhone can be unlocked by those who have physical access such as the wife and children and others. You can make an iPhone hack is impossible for everyone.

Do not add a digital password to unlock the iPhone

In the event that the iPhone is lost, stolen or confiscated, the simple four-digit password can be hacked in various ways and are almost easy, because this quadruple number contains only ten thousand possible combinations, including your password. With dedicated software, it only takes a few seconds.

While the six digit numeric passcode has a million possible combinations it isn't much better.

Then easy-to-obtain information about you can be used to guess the passcode, such as your date of birth or the date of birth of a loved one. It can also analyze the screen and detect the places that you touch a lot, and this will be very clear in the places of the passcode numbers, and we have been doing this for a long time, I would lift the phone in a certain direction and see these traces and then I can guess the password, but it is difficult now with the presence of glass Leaves little fingerprints behind.

Ultimately, this can reduce the chances of password guessing, and make it less difficult to crack.

Despite Apple's attempts to make it impossible to penetrate the iPhone, there are other organizations and companies that have found a way to bypass all of this, such as penetration devices provided by Grayshift and Cellebrite that penetrate the iPhone in a few seconds.

Less than two years ago, it was reported that there are no less than 2000 law enforcement agencies in the United States that possess these devices to penetrate smartphones, so your iPhone is no exception, and if it falls into the hands of these or other parties, it will be easy for them. hack it.

Complicate the passcode to unlock the iPhone for more security

The passcode can be made more difficult by increasing the possible groups by making it longer than six digits. For example, if you make it eight digits, it will increase the time it takes to break the groups of numbers, but hacking it will not be impossible even if it becomes eighteen digits. Some recent research claims that it can be hacked. It may only take three weeks.

To increase the hacking time into years, you will need an alphanumeric password, that is, numbers, uppercase and lowercase letters, and symbols are used. According to the research, the code consisting of 11 characters, as we mentioned, could take 34 years to be hacked, while the password consisting of 12 characters would take three thousand years to be cracked, and 13 characters would take it to more than two hundred thousand years!!

How to use an alphanumeric password

Open Settings, then Face ID & Passcode, or Touch ID & Passcode.

Enter your current passcode, then choose Change Passcode.

Enter your current passcode again, then tap the "Passcode Options" link at the top of the keyboard. Next, select Custom Alphanumeric Code from the menu that appears.

When you enter the new, ultra-secure iPhone passcode, you can use anything on the keyboard except emoji. Press “123” to choose numbers and special characters. Pressing the “# + =” button will give you more options for special characters.

Once you've entered your new passcode, tap Return on the keyboard. If iOS thinks the password you entered is too weak, it will give you a chance to change it before proceeding. If the passcode is strong enough, re-enter it, then press Done or Return. This will take you back to the passcode settings menu. the traffic.

In this way, you can make your device impossible to hack.

Are you using a numeric or alphanumeric passcode? And do you think that this complex iPhone unlock passcode can be hacked? Tell us in the comments.


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