Everyone is familiar with that Camel Always keen to keep its future products a secret, but that's not all, as it turns out that there is a secret team affiliated with the company, similar to Google X, that has unlimited resources to explore and introduce new technologies through which Apple can dominate the future. Apple's secret XDG team and the projects they're working on.

What is Apple's secret XDG team?

earlier this weekReports showed that Apple has made great progress in the development of technology forMonitor blood glucose without pricking Which will reach the Apple Watch in the coming period, everyone was happy with this news, especially people with diabetes, but what many do not know is that the secret XDG team is the mastermind behind this technology.

According to Bloomberg's Mark Gorman, the XDG team originated several years ago and includes a few hundred engineers and scientists and was led by the genius engineer Bill Athas for a long time (one of the brightest minds attested by Steve Jobs and Tim Cook) until he passed away at the end of last year and now Johnny Srouji (responsible for Hardware Technologies) Lead the team that works in a building known as Tantau 9 which is close to the company's headquarters.

This secret team is made up of departments, each department working on a secret project belonging to Apple, and the company does not allow the person working on a specific project to communicate or talk to those working in other departments and vice versa. And Apple organized the members of its secret XDG team according to the skills they possess, so one person can work on more than one project or product according to his skills.

 XDG Team Projects

According to Mark, the secret XDG team has developed technologies for processors and batteries that have already been used for years in iPhones, iPads and Macs, and has also managed to make significant progress in blood glucose monitoring technology, but other projects are under development and this includes generation Next from display technology for Apple devices there are also features dedicated to mixed reality glasses with the aim of helping people with low vision or blindness.

In addition, Apple's secret team is working on a processing technology that consumes less energy, as well as the next generation of iPhone batteries that will be able to work for a longer period with ease before charging them again.

Finally, Apple's secret XDG team is like a team Google X Who was working on developing secret technologies and projects that are very useful, including the “Lawn” project, which is about balloons to connect the Internet to remote places, Google glasses, and even the self-driving car, so Apple provides its team with unlimited financial resources in order to explore countless ideas and help them get ahead of competitors. And dominate the field of technology.

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