When Samsung unveiled its phone Galaxy S23 Ultra, It claimed that it was a marvel in photography, and to prove its capabilities, the company showed pictures of the moon, claiming that its most powerful phone was able to capture those pictures with fine details thanks to the advanced zoom feature, but it seems that the matter was a marketing trick, thanks to artificial intelligence.

What's the story

promoted Korean company For its previous phones and its newer phone, the S23 Ultra, it is able to zoom in on anything far away, even if that thing is the moon, thanks to the Space Zoom feature, which zooms the image up to 100 times, and so when you try to photograph any item, even if it is the moon, you will be able to Capture the smallest details with ease, and according to what Samsung indicated, the space zoom feature can take clear, accurate, and detailed pictures of the moon, and even the craters on it, you will be able to see through its smartphones that provide that feature.

reveal the truth

A Reddit user tried to make sure that the Samsung phone, which has the technology of space zoom, is able to capture a picture of the moon very clearly with all the details shown in high quality, and for this he downloaded a very close-up picture of the moon on his computer and then blurred it to hide the details in it, and then he deceived the phone And take a picture of the moon from the computer instead of photographing the real moon.

To find that the image appeared in high quality and with all the details that were not present in the original, unclear image, to prove that the matter was not real and that the moon images were fake generated through artificial intelligence and not as the company claims.

Did Samsung deceived its users?

To be fair, it did not claim Samsung that her camera can capture this level of fine detail found on the Moon. But she suggested this to us, and through its website, the Korean company admits that the Space Zoom feature is effective at 330 feet, after which you will get pictures with unclear details, and since the moon is about 240.000 miles from Earth, I will leave the conclusion to you.

But this does not mean that the company is innocent, as many users felt that Samsung relies on a sophisticated machine learning algorithm to analyze thousands of reference shots to improve detail from the information captured by the sensor itself. Instead, the AI ​​associates and sometimes directly replaces the subject with added images that did not originate from the camera sensor.

not the only one

Samsung was not the only company and it will not be the last to deceive its customers, the Chinese company Huawei also did the same thing a few years ago, as it announced its P30 Pro phone and its ability to photograph the moon and show the terrain on it, but it turned out later that those images were fake and that Huawei integrated Professional photos with pictures taken with her phone camera.

Note: Samsung improves the image of the moon through artificial intelligence, while Huawei was completely replacing the image of the moon.

Finally, there is a very fine line between deceptive and false marketing. Over the past decades, companies have misleadingly used words and their meanings to paint the most beautiful pictures of their products and services and create a certain impression on users. Have you ever tried to order a pizza after seeing its image in an ad? There is a difference between the ad you saw and the product you received. This is exactly what Samsung did. It may not have lied, but it misled users.

Is it a smart trick from Samsung or fraud on its users? Is Apple doing the same thing? Tell us in the comments



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