According to a report from Weibo shared by Japanese website Mac Otakara, Apple is said to be planning to launch models of IPhone 14 Yellow during the spring season, and will hold a briefing next week.

Several other sources mentioned that Apple's public relations team is preparing for a product briefing event to be held next week. While it is unclear what the theme of the event is, there is speculation that it may include announcing a new color for the iPhone, as Apple previously introduced green for the iPhone 13 series on March 8 of the previous year. However, there is no official confirmation of these speculations yet.

Perhaps the main reason behind this is to stimulate sales during the middle of the Apple product cycle, as Apple frequently introduces new color options in the spring. In March of last year, Apple introduced a new green color for the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini, in addition to Alpine green for the iPhone 13 Pro models. Also, in April 2021, Apple added the purple color to the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini.

The yellow color option for iPhones was last introduced for iPhone 11 in 2019 and iPhone XR in 2018. It is still uncertain whether Apple plans to introduce a new color for iPhone 14 Pro models, although there are no confirmations. It is possible that the yellow color was not chosen for the iPhone 14 Pro models, as it can be seen as very similar to the gold color option already available for these devices.

Why do you need Apple to add new colors for the iPhone

Apple often adds new colors to its iPhone lineup in the spring to refresh the product line and stimulate sales. And since the iPhone product cycle usually lasts a year or a little more, offering new color options helps maintain consumer interest and stimulates customers who might have been waiting for a new color to buy it. Additionally, new colors can attract new customers who may not have been interested in the current color options, ultimately increasing overall sales. Thus, introducing new colors in the spring is a marketing strategy used by Apple to keep its products fresh and attractive to customers.

This is because the smartphone market is highly competitive, and constantly updating the product line with new colors is one way that Apple can maintain consumer interest and differentiate itself from other companies. Additionally, new colors can help create buzz around a product launch, generating excitement and anticipation among consumers. Ultimately, the goal is to increase sales and maintain Apple's position as a leading player in the smartphone market.

What do you think about adding a new color to the iPhone 14? Do you think that will actually drive sales? Tell us in the comments.



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