After seven years of development, Apple is expected to finally unveil mixed reality glasses During its annual conference for developers this year without any delay, and this glasses Tim Cook bets everything on it and believes that it will compete with the iPhone in the coming period, as he wants to launch another major product in his career as CEO before the planned retirement for the coming period.

Apple glasses for mixed reality

The Financial Times said that there is a division within the design and operations teams at Apple about the date of launching the company's mixed reality glasses, as the operations team led by Jeff Williams believes that the glasses will be unveiled even if they are not ideal, large in size and exorbitant price.

On the other hand, the design team wants to wait for the glasses to be light in size and without any defects in them, however, Apple CEO Tim Cook sided with his former team as he believes that the current market situation calls for entering the battle even if the first-generation headset is very expensive. It has limited attractiveness.

It is expected that the price of the mixed reality glasses for Apple will be about $ 3000 (three times the price of the Facebook Quest Pro glasses), and it will have 4K OLED screens and advanced sensors to track hand and eye movement, and because of the size of the glasses, the battery will work for a short time, perhaps up to about two hours, However, Apple expects to sell XNUMX million units of mixed reality headsets in the first year.

Design and operations teams

The Financial Times report describes the division within the company as a war over who makes decisions about new products. Previously, the design team was the driving force behind all decisions and the operations team catered to the desires of the design team. But under Cook, who headed the operations team, this has gained The team has more strength and momentum to have everything in its hands. Despite the disagreement within the company, mixed reality glasses are seen as a decisive step for Apple. The device marks the second major new product launch during Cook's tenure as CEO, following the release of the Apple Watch in 2015.

The fact that the iPhone and iPad were invented by Steve Jobs, but with Tim Cook, the Apple Watch appeared in 2015 and one year later, the AirPods were launched and both products achieved strong sales for the company, and under Cook's leadership, Apple has grown amazingly , as the market value increased from 350 billion in 2011 to 2.4 trillion dollars now, thanks to strong sales not only for the iPhone but for other departments. A product that can compete with the iPhone in the future before leaving the company.

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