According to a report by the New York Times, a number of Apple employees have expressed concerns about Apple's upcoming Mixed Reality Headset. These concerns revolve primarily around their practicality, effectiveness and cost.

According to eight current and former Apple employees, they stated that they were initially excited about the company's new mixed reality glasses, and this enthusiasm was inherent to them in every Apple product, but now the situation has changed and they have doubts and uncertainty in this product to achieve successes desired.

According to reports, the upcoming mixed reality glasses from Apple aim to pave the way for future products that contain unprecedented technical developments, meaning that they may be a bridge to that very advanced technology, and it is said that its price is $ 3000, its usefulness, and whether there is a market for it. Indeed, among these concerns. Where critics raised doubts about whether mixed reality glasses are actually necessary and useful to the user, which makes him pay such an amount to buy them, in contrast to other successful Apple products such as the iPod and iPhone, where some believe that they lack the same level of clarity and focus as the products other apple.

According to reports, a few Apple employees left the project because they didn't think the mixed reality headset would work well. Others were also fired because they weren't making enough progress, especially with Siri. Even some of Apple's leaders aren't sure if the device will work.

The idea is not new

Five years ago, Apple's then chief design officer, Johnny Ive, a video of augmented reality glasses shown to senior Apple executives. In the video, a man is in a London taxi wearing mixed reality glasses and calling his wife in San Francisco. And he shared scenes of London with his wife through the augmented reality technology of the glasses, which made it seem as if she was seeing what he was seeing.

Implementation is already delayed

The New York Times confirmed earlier reports about the features of the Mixed Reality headset. It comes with a carbon fiber frame that makes it lightweight and a battery that you can wear on your waist or clip to your belt. It will also have cameras, two high-quality 4K screens, and lenses that can be customized for people who wear prescription glasses. Additionally, there will be a button that we think looks like the Digital Crown on the Apple Watch that can adjust how much of the real world you see while wearing the Mixed Reality headset.

Apple is working hard to make mixed reality glasses good for video calling. It will also feature high-quality TV specials and movies made by Hollywood celebrities like Jon Favreau. Although there are some commonalities between it and other glasses such as those made by Meta and the idea of ​​​​"Metaverse", Apple will try to make its mixed reality glasses very different from it.

Apple Mixed Reality Headset is also designed to provide features that meet the needs of artists, designers, and engineers by allowing them to draw and edit images in XNUMXD space. It will also have apps that allow VR video editing using hand gestures. Given these features, it is expected that the glasses will attract more companies, especially design companies, than ordinary consumers.

According to rumors among employees, Apple may delay the launch of mixed reality glasses again, although manufacturing is currently underway, although there is a widespread belief that Apple will unveil them next June.

Could Apple's Mixed Reality Headset fail like other Apple products?

In fact, there were many products in Apple's history that were considered failures, such as the Apple Newton device, the Macintosh Portable laptop, the Apple III or Apple III, and other products that Apple worked on for a while and actually went out to the market, but did not achieve the desired result, and there Products that Apple worked on did not even go outside the walls of the company, such as the AirPower charging mat. These products failed for various reasons, including high prices, limited functionality, and fierce competition from other companies.

The Newton device, for example, was a personal digital assistant that was ahead of its time but too expensive for most consumers. The Macintosh Portable was heavy and lacked battery life, making it impractical for most users. The Apple III suffered from hardware and software problems, which led to it losing market share to IBM and other competitors.

Apple's failures in the past were often attributed to a lack of innovation, poor marketing, and insufficient research and development. However, this may seem from the past. Apple now has many very successful products over the years, such as the iPod, iPhone and MacBook, which helped a lot in establishing the foundations of the company and making it a leader in the technology industry.

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