Happy new year, dear followers of iPhone Islam, we have been together for more than fourteen holidays, so we ask God to perpetuate the love between us. It is a happy Eid without a doubt. Our joy is in the forgiveness of our Lord. Our joy is that we have completed the obligatory fast. Our joy is that we are still with you and that we have the opportunity to live and obey.

Happy New Year, my friend.

Do we have a gift for you this holiday?

After we presented you with many free applications on each holiday of previous years, we regret to inform you that there is no longer any new application that we can offer you this year. Therefore, we will make the purchase from within a “hidden message” free, and thus the application will be completely free with all its features.

hidden message app

It simply puts a hidden message inside the regular messages and you can use it within all social media platforms and messaging programs and anywhere without anyone noticing that your message contains an encrypted and hidden message.

Hidden Message Dot App

We advise you to read our previous article, to learn more about the application

How to get your gift from within the app

Although the hidden messages exist without a trace, but after the spread of the application, everyone became suspicious of any simple message, but you can add a passcode, so that only the person who has the correct passcode can open the message.

You can also set a specific date on which the hidden message appears, and an expiration date, so that after this date no one can ever know the content of the hidden message. And you can imagine how useful this is, because sometimes there is information that should appear at a certain time and that should be known after a certain time.

Just press the lock icon inside when making any message, and you will find that the purchase is free

We are aware of the importance of the gift and this is what we are used to, but we must take into account that developing applications requires great effort, time and financial resources. However, we are working hard to continuously improve and develop the existing applications, you have seen for yourself the updates of the application to my prayer, the application has become indisputably amazing, and we have added many great features to it…

The To My Prayer application has been free throughout the month of Ramadan, and today is the last chance to download it for free, so we ask you to tell everyone you know to download the application today.

ElaSalaty: Muslim Prayer Times

Every follower of us notices the development that is taking place and, God willing, it will continue. We just want you to support us and subscribe to the iPhone Islam application, this helps us to continue

Subscribe now to the iPhone Islam app

May Allah accept from us and you, and happy new year

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