Health and fitness features have always been at the fore of Apple, from the Apple Watch to the Health app to the Apple Fitness Plus service. According to a recent report published by the American newspaper Bloomberg, Apple will take an additional step towards developing health and fitness benefits on its devices in the short and long term.

Health app coming soon to the iPad

Health app coming soon to the iPad

The Health application has always been present exclusively on the iPhone, and it was not present on the iPad devices, despite its overwhelming popularity and widespread use in hospitals and medical institutions.

Apple Health's default health application, we may soon see it for the first time on the iPad, with the advent of the iPadOS 17 update later this year, according to a Bloomberg report.

Of course, the presence of the application on the iPad will make it easier for the user to view health data due to the large screen that exceeds the limitations of the smaller iPhone screen.

New features in the Health app

New features in the Health app

Every year, Apple brings new features to its Health app, for example, in the latest iOS 16 update, it provides users with a drug tracking feature that enables the user to add the drugs they take, check their use, and remind them of their appointments.

With the upcoming iOS 17 and iPadOS 17 update, we may see more additional features within the Health app, such as the ability to record mood and alert the user if they need to go to the doctor for psychological counseling if necessary.

The application will depend on what the user initially records or writes about the mood, and later it will use more complex techniques and algorithms that depend on other data such as sleep patterns, movement data, heart rate, and others.

AI health coach

AI health coach

This is another feature that may revolutionize fitness applications and services. Bloomberg newspaper reported that there are a number of different work teams within Apple that are all currently developing an artificial intelligence service for health and fitness.

This service will analyze all the user's health and movement data, then provide him with customized advice and instructions, in addition to diets and training programs that have been specially tailored to him.

This service is still under development, and Apple aspires to launch it during the next 2024 if it is completed, and it is expected that it will be part of the Apple Fitness Plus fitness service.

Other advantages

Apple also, according to the Bloomberg report, is still working on other technologies that we may see in the future in its smart watch, such as the properties of measuring blood pressure and measuring blood sugar, which are advantages about which there has been a lot of talk for years.

Apple also aspires to launch mixed reality glasses (virtual reality VR and augmented reality AR together), and health benefits will be one of its most important features, including a new mental health application for meditation and relaxation, Meditation, relieving stress and anxiety, and helping to overcome insomnia.

In your opinion, which health benefits are missing from Apple products and should they be developed?



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