John Berkey, a former Apple employee, believes that Crab It can't keep up with AI-powered chatbots, and Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, whose company is investing heavily in ChatGPT, sees Siri and other voice assistants as "as stupid as a helpless rock," but everyone should keep in mind that There is a difference between Siri and ChatGPT, and both of them work more than wonderful in terms of their own functionality, so let's get to know the difference between Siri and ChatGPT in the following lines.

What is the difference between Siri and ChatGPT?

Although Siri and ChatGPT work through artificial intelligence, the main difference between the two arises in their purpose. while longer Chat GPT A language-based model with the ability to have a conversation similar to ours, Siri is a virtual assistant that responds to commands and performs various tasks on Apple devices. Here are the most important differences between the two.

Real time updates

You might think that ChatGPT is what you need when you want to know anything but there is a big problem with this chatbot that you may not be aware of. ChatGPT does not have any real-time access to current events and its knowledge is limited to old data through September 2021. So you will not receive a correct answer if you try to request anything new after this date.

For example, if you try to ask a chatbot to tell you today's weather or the date of Queen Elizabeth's death (the Queen of England passed away on September 8, 2022), it will tell you that it has no access to current weather conditions and that to the best of its knowledge Queen Elizabeth is still alive. , the same applies to live events and news that happened during the current year and the past.

On the other hand, Siri can provide you with real-time updates on the weather and other things like the stock market as its database is updated regularly so it has no limitations on its answers. This is why Siri will instantly tell you the date of Queen Elizabeth's death and what the weather will be like tomorrow.

human conversations

  One of the biggest reasons for ChatGPT's popularity is its ability to engage in conversations the way we speak so you can open ChatGPT now and start a conversation about your day, write your feelings, talk about your favorite food, the chatbot will answer you in a friendly way, understand what you want and give you personalized answers and will ask you questions and even can To make you laugh by telling you some jokes.

As for Siri, it focuses more on carrying out your tasks and commands. Hence, his answers are usually short and direct. That's why his ability to hold a long conversation and understand context is relatively low so it's definitely not something you would want to use for long answers or when you need human conversations.

Activation method

Siri is designed to respond to voice commands and typed text, making it very easy for users to interact with the voice assistant. You can ask Siri a quick question by speaking to him or writing your query and he will answer you with ease.

However, ChatGPT only works with accessing the developer's website and texting only because it does not respond to voice commands. You will have to type every time you want to use it, so it may take longer with ChatGPT to get answers, unlike Siri, who will answer you quickly once you ask him a question by voice.

Executing orders

One of the most important differences between Siri and ChatGPT is when performing tasks. This is where Siri excels because it was designed to help make your everyday tasks easier and more efficient. That's why you can ask Siri to control a smart device in your home, turn on Bluetooth, switch to low power mode, set an alarm, and take a call, because Apple's voice assistant is here to take your commands and make your life convenient.

ChatGPT simply has no way of integrating with other apps and devices nor can it connect itself to any of your smart home devices. It cannot provide you the current state with any physical device which makes it useless in this matter. Simply because that is not the purpose for which it was designed.

answer the questions

Siri and ChatGPT can both respond to your questions but in a different way. Ask Siri a question and she'll give you a short, quick answer, for example, ask Siri when WWII happened and she'll tell you it "started in September 1939" and it's over. However ChatGPT having a huge database trained on it will give you more information. If you ask him the same question, the smart chatbot’s answer will be as follows: “Germany attacked Poland and occupied it, then France and England declared war on Germany, so that World War II began in September 1939 and lasted for six years until 1945.”

Apart from the amount of information provided, both also differ in the way information is presented. If you ask Siri an open-ended or creative question like, “What is the Bermuda Triangle?” or “What is a black hole?” Apple Assistant will list relevant Internet searches and links that you can check for information on the matter.

On the other hand, when the same questions are asked on ChatGPT, it will do all the hard work for you and give you a professionally worded answer so you don't have to spend your time searching through more content.

Now that we know about the differences between Siri and ChatGPT, you should keep in mind that both are two models of artificial intelligence but they are not the same, as Siri and ChatGPT differ in their functions, purpose, how they work and how they respond, Siri is a useful smart tool for all Apple users because it implements It does all the basic commands and functions but it is not meant for long, human conversations or even for getting descriptive answers and that's where ChatGPT comes in, so there's no need to compare the two when you can use both to make your life more convenient.

However, why doesn't Apple combine the two worlds?

There is no doubt that rebuilding Siri from scratch is not easy; This requires a great effort on the part of Apple. However, if Apple does not take this important step, it will leave the field open to other companies such as Google and Microsoft to achieve massive superiority in the field of artificial intelligence and PDA technology.

Microsoft shows its great ambitions to become a leader in the field of artificial intelligence through its continuous investments in this field. Also, Google will not remain silent at this point, as it is constantly working to develop and improve its smart assistant, “Google Assistant”, to provide a better experience for users.

In light of this fierce competition between giant companies, it becomes urgent for Apple to participate in the “war” of developing artificial intelligence and smart assistants in order not to lose its position in the smart phone market and advanced technology.

the ultimate interest of the user

In the end, this war between giants benefits the user. The more companies compete to provide the best technologies and services, the more the user will get a better experience and more advanced features. If Apple invests in developing Siri to become a more effective and useful smart assistant in the daily functions of the phone, as well as in other areas.


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