Apple introduced tracking tools AirTags In April 2021, which can track your items and know their location with ease, and now Apple is working on a new type of AirTag that users can wear by placing it on different parts of the body and even clothing in order to perform a number of different functions related to health and fitness.

New patent

Apple has filed a patent application for a tracking tool that can be worn on a person's clothing or body. This tool will monitor health-related data such as the amount of sun exposure and whether one is upright, track user activities, fall detection, motion tracking, fitness, exercise training, medical applications, and biometrics. It's like Almost what the Apple smart watch offers, but without owning the watch. The patent explains that each tracker contains different sensors; Hence, it collects different types of data, and that tool will be controlled and set up by the iPhone (or iPad or Apple Watch) in addition to relying on it to locate each tool and choose the type of data that the user wants the tracking tool to provide to him.

The next generation of AirTags

 According to the images in the patent, these instruments can be placed on the arm, finger, neck, waist or even the ankle and used to monitor running and measure the angle between the leg and the foot, or one can be placed above the knee and one below the knee to help monitor the angle of the user's upper leg with the angle of the lower leg while running The person will also be able to use Siri to enter voice commands, and the speaker inside the gadget will allow an audible response to be given. In addition, the gadgets (or tracking tags) can wirelessly charge their internal batteries or use radio frequency energy transmitted in the air to power them. The battery can also be charged using cells. solar or by collecting the energy generated by the movement of the user.

Finally, you should be aware that Apple files many patent applications throughout the year, most of which are forgotten. However, the company chose to hide its participation in the beginning, and this patent was submitted in the names of its engineers, so Apple may have reached an advanced stage regarding these tracking tags, and it wants to surprise its users in the near future.

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