While announcing new straps for her smartwatch, she confirmed Camel Through its official website, iOS 16.5 will be unveiled next week, and the iOS 16.5 update is the last version before the announcement of the new iOS 17 operating system during Apple's annual developer conference, which will take place on June 5. Here are the most important features coming with iOS 16.5.

The most important features of iOS 16.5

iOS 16.5 is an important upgrade because it will bring more than just bug fixes and security patches for iPhone users, and the new update will contain some useful features for users and this includes:

new wallpaper

iOS 16.5 will include a new background, and although the background shows attractive shapes and looks innocent, Apple has not hidden its intention that it is not an innocent background. So it must Warning It is the agenda of many companies these days to make this seem normal and familiar, and we must reject these attempts to support the LGBT community, and make it clear, that we do not respect this abnormal behavior and these sick ideas. I had hoped that Islamic governments would take a stand in this regard against Apple, as European governments do to confront the charger cable, and forcibly prevent Apple from monopolizing the market through its application store. Without exploiting this position for the interests of the company's president.

Sports new tab

Through the Today tab, you can see the latest sports news, but with iOS 16.5, Apple added a new sports tab to the News app, allowing you to easily access news, results, and schedules for your favorite teams and leagues as Apple tries to dig deeper into sports content. through its services.

Screen recording with Siri

A small but useful feature for users added with iOS 16.5 is the ability to ask Siri to start screen recording. You can say, “Hey Siri, start recording the screen” to record a video or anything on the screen of your iPhone, and you can also ask the Apple Voice Assistant to stop recording with ease. You can still start screen recording via Control Center after enabling the feature in Settings and then Control Center.

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