IPhone It is no longer used only for calls and internet connection, and many rely on it as a professional photography tool thanks to its advanced technologies and more than wonderful lenses, and because Apple knows the importance of photography for its users, we will learn about 5 new features coming to photos with the iOS 17 operating system.

Get to know your pets

in the systemiOS 17Apple has improved the image recognition capabilities of your Photos app, and once it was able to recognize family and friends, it will now be able to recognize pets in photos with ease. You may be wondering, wasn’t that feature already present in the Photos app, and the answer is yes, the feature of detecting animals in photos is not new, but what is new here with ‌iOS 17‌ is that the Photos app will be able to recognize your pets, which only interest you, so it has become an album “People” is the “People and Pets” album where you can now add the names of your pets.

Crop photos with iOS 17

In iOS 16, cropping photos in the Photos app involves tapping the editing interface, choosing the crop tool, and adjusting the crop from there either with zoom gestures or by dragging the corners of the crop tool, but with iOS 17, it's even faster and smoother than before. Once the image is enlarged, a crop button will appear at the top of the screen. Clicking on it will display the cropping interface at the zoom level you selected so that you can easily crop the part of the image that you prefer.

Turn photos into animated stickers

In the previous operating system, Apple added a feature capable of removing an element from the background in photos. And with ‌iOS 17‌, the company has greatly improved the feature so that you can use the item to create custom animated stickers that can be shared in Messages. To do this, press and hold the item in the image, and a menu will appear that contains the option to add a sticker, which can be sent to the stickers in the Messages application.

 Get recipes for food

Apple has improved the Visual Look Up feature in ‌iOS 17‌ in several ways. One of them is the ability to find recipes for similar dishes when recognizing the meals in the photo. When you recognize a photo of food in the Photos app, a knife and fork icon appears at the bottom of the interface. With it, you can get direct links to recipe websites without having to browse the web and search by yourself in Safari.

 Modify the editing tools interface

Finally, with iOS 17, Apple made some improvements to the photo editing interface to make it more intuitive. The Cancel and Done buttons have been moved from the bottom of the screen to the top, and the tool icons have been given text descriptions to make their functionality clearer. Apple also changed the cursor when selecting the Adjustment, Filters, or Crop option. To change from a yellow circle below the active icon to a triangle pointing to it from above.

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