It does not separate us from Apple's thirty-fourth annual developer conference WWDC 2023 Only two days, and during this event that will take place on June 5, the company will announce new operating systems for its devices such as iOS 17, iPadOS 17, and watchOS 10, along with some new products, including Macs. And the first mixed reality glasses for AppleIn the following lines, we will get to know the most important products expected to be announced during the Apple WWDC 2023 conference.

mixed reality glasses

It is expected that Apple will unveil the first wearable device after its smart watch, as the mixed reality glasses for Apple will be the star of this event, and those glasses have been under development for years and the company has postponed the launch date many times due to ongoing problems, and during the WWDC 2023 conference, we will get A glimpse of the new Apple glasses, their design, and the features that they will bring. The glasses will come with a thin, light and comfortable design for the user. Apple wants their size to reach 200 grams (lighter than competing glasses), and for this there will be an external battery that is worn at the hip and connected to the glasses via a USB cable. That battery can Work for two hours, and there will be a button similar to the Digital Crown on the Apple Watch, allowing the glasses to switch between virtual and augmented reality.

In addition, the Apple glasses for mixed reality will be made of aluminum, glass and carbon fiber, similar to the second generation of the PlayStation Virtual Reality glasses and the Oculus Quest 2 glasses, and will also contain two 4K micro-LED screens that provide a 120-degree field of view and a brightness of 5000 nits. square and 4000 pixels per inch.

That's not all, there is a set of cameras that will track hand and leg movements and facial gestures in addition to an iris scanner that will be available for authentication.

According to the leaks, users will be able through Apple glasses to look at an item on the screen to select it using hand gestures to interact with it. Air typing will also be available, and cameras will map the surrounding environment for augmented reality applications.

The mixed reality glasses will work with two M2 processors to run sensors and other activities without any problem, and all this through a new operating system for the glasses known as xrOS, and with all these amazing things about the upcoming Apple glasses, the most important thing is that Apple improves its applications and services for mixed reality. It is also already collaborating with game developers to help them update their existing content for mixed reality, and Apple's glasses are expected to be officially launched later this year.

 Macbook Air 15 inch

Apple plans to offer two versions of the Mac Air, the first will come with a size of 15.5 inches and the second with a size of 13.6 inches, and the company was supposed to use its M3 processor with a manufacturing accuracy of 3 nanometers, but it is not ready. So Apple will rely on the M2 processor, and as for the design, it will come without change, the screen will be only slightly larger, and even the 120 Hz screen refresh rate will be exclusive to MacBook Pro models only.

Mac Studio

More than a year has passed since Apple provided us with the Mac Studio, which is an alternative to the Mac Pro, so Apple may try to update the Mac Studio and launch new versions, and this was confirmed by Mark Gurman from Bloomberg, where he indicated that Apple is testing Mac desktops with M2 Max processors that will work with the unit. 12-core CPU and 30-core graphics processor The M2 Ultra will come with a 24-core CPU and 60-core graphics processor, and there won't be any major changes to the design.

Mac Pro

The Mac Pro is the only device that works with an Intel processor, so Apple may launch a new Mac Pro with its Apple Silicon processor and completely get rid of Intel processors, and rumors previously indicated that Apple is working on a new processor called M2 Extreme for its new Mac Pro, but the project was canceled due to There are complications and problems in addition to cost concerns, and for this reason the company may choose to run the new Mac Pro with the M2 Max processor found in the current MacBook Pro, but the matter is not certain now, and the company may not announce a new Mac Pro during the WWDC 2023 conference.

IOS 17

Besides new devices, it is assumed that Apple unveils new operating systems for its devices, and this means that we will see iOS 17, which includes a number of important and new features for iPhone users, such as support for sideloading, more improvements to Siri and a new CarPlay experience, along with improvements in the Center Control, Dynamic Island, Finder, and updated versions of the Health and Camera applications. Apple may also launch a new application that allows recording daily activities and thoughts.

iPadOS 17

iOS 17

The next system is iPadOS 17 and will also include a number of features that will come to the iPad, such as allowing downloads from third-party application stores and the ability to modify applications and the layout of the home screen, and Apple may bring the redesigned lock screen feature from the iPhone to the iPad, which It allows users to be more creative and customize with wallpapers, widgets and widgets.


‌xrOS‌ is the software that will run on Apple's mixed reality glasses. Like all of Apple's core operating systems, the glasses will have their own app store, and ‌xrOS‌ is expected to have an iPhone-like interface with on-screen elements controlled by hand gestures. And the eye and the ability to connect to other company devices such as the iPhone, the iPad, and the Mac.

 macOS 14

macOS 14 is the next generation of the Mac operating system, and because Apple has been able to limit the leaks, we know little about it at the present time, however, we can see the same journal application that will come to the iPhone along with the update of Find My, SharePlay, and other features that we will learn about. them during the conference.

watchOS 10

Many leaks and speculation indicated that watchOS 10 will get the biggest update, and this includes adding a new widget to the interface, and Apple will focus in the new operating system on improving the user experience rather than applications that most people do not use, and Apple may allow the allocation of the digital crown and side buttons. ; This provides access to widgets instead of apps or the home screen.

tvOS 17 and HomePod 17

It is possible that Apple will introduce new versions of tvOS and HomePod, but these versions often include many features and focus less on them compared to other systems.

Finally, these were the most important products expected to be announced during the Apple WWDC 2023 conference, and Apple is scheduled to broadcast the keynote on June 5, and you can watch the conference through a live broadcast via YouTube, or through the Apple website directly from any browser, or via an application Apple TV, or as we used to in iPhone Islam, we will publish an article that brings together the most important things in the conference and explain everything in a simple way. So you don't have to worry if you missed anything, or don't want to catch up on the live stream.

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