Apple announced at the developer conference a map of updates and features coming to us this year in all operating systems, and one of the systems that got many advantages is iPadOS 17, the updates included a redesigned lock screen and an interactive widget, and new smart features for dealing with PDF files and the notes application that got On a number of new features, updates to the Messages app, FaceTime and Safari, and the all-new Health app in the iPad world... Learn about the new iPadOS 17 system in this article...

iPadOS 17 introduces entirely new ways for users to customize the Lock screen and interact with widgets. With the AutoFill feature, working on PDF files is easier, as it intelligently recognizes fields in forms, and the Notes application brings a new experience when adding comments in PDF files and collaborating on them with others. There are important updates to the Messages app, including a new sticker experience, and users can now leave audio and video messages in FaceTime. The Health app comes for the first time on the iPad.

A cool, personalized lock screen experience

Users can now take full advantage of the iPad screen by customizing the lock screen to make it more personal, useful and cool. Rich new photo features enable users to set their favorite photos on the lock screen and style them in new ways. Users can select a photo from their personal library, a dynamic collection of photos that pop up throughout the day, or a live photo for a slow-motion effect when they wake up their iPad.Users can also select a wallpaper from the lock screen's gallery that will look amazing on the iPad's large display, choose from an expressive array of font styles and colors to customize the look of the date and time, or create creative designs with emoji and color combinations.

In addition, the Current Activity feature comes to iPadOS to allow users to stay up to date on what's going on right from the lock screen, whether it's a sports game, travel plans or ordering food delivery.

Widget is more powerful

With iPadOS 17, widgets are interactive, enabling users to get things done with just a tap. For example, users can turn on a light, play a song, or mark a reminder as complete in real time, right from a widget.

Interactive widgets are now available on the lock screen and home screen, making it a breeze to take action and find useful information at a glance. Widgets on the lock screen blend seamlessly into the background with an adaptive color tone to improve readability.

Handling PDF files just got easier

Entering information into PDFs has never been easier. iPadOS 17 uses machine learning to recognize fields in PDFs so users can easily add details like names, addresses, and email addresses from the Contacts app.

Notes application offers a new experience

A major update to the Notes app gives users new ways to organize, read, annotate, and collaborate on PDFs. And PDFs appear full screen with iPadOS 17, making it easy to flip between pages, write quick comments or draw directly on the document with Apple Pencil. Users can now review and annotate PDFs and scanned documents directly in their notes, and with live collaboration, updates appear in real time when users share a note with others.

Messages app with enhanced communication tools

Messages introduces new ways to communicate, including a sticker experience that includes emoji stickers, and the ability for users to create Live Stickers from their own photos by separating an element from the background. Users can also add live sticker effects that help bring conversations to life. A new keyboard tray brings together all of a user's stickers in one place for easy access across iPadOS and anywhere on the system.

In addition, new features in the Messages app include an expandable menu that appears with a simple tap to make it easier to access your most frequently used iMessage applications. The search experience has been improved with the addition of filters, including the ability to filter by people, keywords, and content types, allowing users to find what users are looking for with more precision. Users can now easily jump to the last read message in an existing group chat, and it's even simpler and faster to reply to an embedded message by swiping on the bubble in which the message text appears.

In addition, the text of the voice message is automatically transcribed so that users can read it immediately or listen to it at a later time. When a user shares their location in the Messages app, they appear directly in the conversation until the sharing session ends.

More expressive ways to communicate via FaceTime

Users can now leave voice and video messages in FaceTime when someone isn't answering the call.

FaceTime calls are also made more expressive thanks to interactions such as hearts, balloons, fireworks, laser beams, rain, and more. The new effects can be activated with simple gestures, and third-party video calling apps can take advantage of these new effects as well.

Safari browser helps users to be more productive

Improvements in Safari allow users to be more productive than ever before. Through the use of “cookies,” users can separate browsing topics such as work and personal topics. Each profile has its own search history, cookies, tab groups, and favourites, and is easy to switch between.

Private Browsing mode now also allows users to lock the window they're viewing with a face or fingerprint and removes trackers used for inter-site tracking. And the search experience improves with more responsiveness, more relevant search suggestions, and easier-to-read suggestions.

My Health app is now available on the iPad

iPadOS 17 brings Health to iPad, giving users new ways to see their health data in rich detail. And with a design optimized for the iPad screen, favorites have a new look, and users can receive accurate information about their health data using performance levels, achievements and detailed interactive charts. iPad users can also now track and organize their medication, use a cycle tracking app, record their momentary feelings and daily moods, view their health records available from multiple organizations, and more — all in one secure and private place.

Additional updates to iPadOS 17 include:

  • interface organizer It adds more flexibility to window placement and size, giving users more control over their workspace, and supports built-in cameras on an external monitor.
  • Free space application It provides new drawing tools, support for hover, tilt, and shape capture, the ability to add new connection lines and shapes to any element, and a Follow Along feature to guide collaborators on the canvas.
  • Finder feature Helps users find information and take action faster by offering shortcuts to the next action, improved visual results, and video search.
  • Visual global search feature They extend their recognition capabilities to food, storefronts, signs, and symbols on things like laundry instructions on clothes.
  • keyboard It introduces improvements in AutoCorrect, allowing users to enter text faster and easier than ever before. Embedded proactive text helps users finish sentences quickly, and a new speech recognition model in Dictation improves accuracy.
  • can now be activated Siri  Just by saying "Siri". Once activated, users can issue multiple commands in succession without the need for re-activation.
  • Sharing content with Quick broadcast Easier thanks to on-device intelligence that now learns user preferences. Fast Streaming will also work with supported TVs in hotels, allowing users to easily enjoy their favorite content on TV while traveling. This capability was built with privacy and security in mind, and will be available before the end of the year at select hotels, starting with IHG Hotels & Resorts.
  • Reminders app Introduces the new Smart Shopping List experience, which makes shopping easier by automatically grouping related items into sections, and provides a new column view for browsing sections horizontally across the screen.
  • Maps application It now allows users to download and use maps offline. Users can now select an area, search for and explore useful information, and get itineraries for all routes to travel, all without being connected to the Internet.
  • Updates Privacy These include expanding communication security by adding child protections and warning sensitive content. Permission updates for the Photos and Calendar apps help users make more informed choices about the data they share with apps. The lockout pattern update enhances protection for those who may be targeted by spyware hacks.
  • Accessibility Tools The new iPad makes it even easier to use. Assistive Access is a customizable interface that helps users with cognitive impairments use iPad more independently and easily. Live Speech helps people who are unable to articulate what they want to say to be heard aloud during phone calls, FaceTime calls, and personal conversations. Personal Voice allows users at risk of aphasia to create a voice that resembles their own, and integrates seamlessly with Live Speech. The Point and Speak feature of the magnifier helps people who are blind or have low vision to interact with things like electrical appliances and other physical items that have small text labels.


iPadOS 17 developer beta is availableThe Starting today, a beta version will be available to all iPad users next month at The new iPasOS 17 update will be available this fall as an update for supported iPads:

IPADSixth generation and later
iPad miniFifth generation and newer
iPad AirThird generation and newer
iPad Pro 12.9 inchSecond generation and newer
iPad Pro 10.5 inchFirst generation and newer
iPad Pro 11 inchFirst generation and newer

The features that you mentioned are a few from a lot, do not forget that we will discover small and large details during the coming weeks, what do you think of the features you have seen in updating the iPad system so far?

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