Steve Jobs 16 years ago announced the first iPhone It was a revolutionary phone with an iPod touch screen and an unprecedented ability to connect to the Internet smoothly and quickly, and since then until now, the development of the iPhone has become one of the best and most famous smart phones, but what you do not know is that the first iPhone It was not full of features and functions that you can find in current models, but it was very limited, and it could not do things that other existing phones at the time provided to users. However, the iPhone was able to capture the hearts and minds of many, and let us take you on a quick tour to get to know 10 Facts you do not know about the first iPhone for Apple.

There is no copy and paste

When the first iPhone appeared, smart phone companies at the time, such as BlackBerry, Palm, Nokia and others, mocked the Apple phone because it lacked the copy and paste feature, which was very important for smartphone users, and you may wonder why this feature does not exist and the answer is that the work team focused on the features Other major features such as the keyboard and autocorrection, and they did not have enough time to add copy and paste, however, the company's sales were not affected, and the first iPhone received a lot of attention. Later, Apple introduced the copy, paste and cut feature.

EDGE, not 3G

At the present time, smart phones support fourth and fifth generation networks, but in the era of the first generation of the iPhone, the third generation wireless services had just appeared, but Apple, as usual, does not prefer to rush; That is why I decided to rely on the service that has existed for a while, which is EDGE, short for Enhanced Data rates for GSM Evolution, which is second-generation cellular data that provides a speed of up to 348 kilobits per second. This means that iPhone users will be able to browse with difficulty, and will not It can play any videos or view photos.

There is no GPS

Thanks to its partnership with Google, Apple provided, through its first iPhone, an amazing Maps application (Apple Maps appeared five years after the collapse of the partnership with Google), through which the user could navigate and enlarge the map more smoothly, at that time smartphones did not provide any type Even available map applications, it was difficult and cumbersome to use, and despite the capabilities of the map application on the iPhone, it did not provide navigation features; Because it did not support GPS.

 There is no app store

Applications for the smartphone is like the air we breathe, and you can imagine that the first generation of the iPhone did not have an application store, and Apple’s strategy was based on the use of web applications, but it did not work and the company decided in the following year to unveil its App Store Store, which included a small number of applications (about 500 applications) at the time, but according to Apple, the App Store currently contains 1,793,015 An app that you can easily download to your device.

Safari and email

We depend to a large extent on Safari for browsing and the Mail application to send and receive emails, but before the era of the first generation of the iPhone, it was chaotic as browsing the web and e-mail on mobile phones at that time needed an expert in nuclear energy; Because of the complex user interface and bad design, sending mail was not much different from sending text messages, and browsing the web was annoying, but with the first iPhone, Apple introduced Safari, which displayed web pages in full and correctly, and you could navigate smoothly and zoom in and out without No problem, as for the Apple Mail app, it allowed syncing with other mail services and displaying messages in an organized and simple way.

There is no video recording or front camera

You can now take high-quality selfies and record videos with ease, but with the first generation of the iPhone, there was no front camera (2-megapixel rear camera), perhaps because front cameras were not common at this time on smartphones, and companies were trying Encouraging users towards phones dedicated to video calls, and the user was not able to record videos, and it took Apple another two years to allow users to record videos on the iPhone.

Touch keyboard

The prominent physical keyboards were the common feature among phones during that era, and when Apple introduced the touch keyboard on the iPhone, it revolutionized smartphones, and it changed the thinking of users who found that the virtual keyboard was better and easier as features such as Autocorrect on the success of the default Apple keyboard.

YouTube Apple

 It was the first iPhone device to provide the largest screen compared to any phone at the time due to the presence of a virtual keyboard. Apple tried to exploit this feature in its favor by creating its own YouTube application, as YouTube was not that great today, and it did not support playing videos on smartphones. And the video application on the iPhone allowed users to browse, search and play YouTube videos in high quality.

There is no stereo bluetooth

Although the first generation of the iPhone supported Bluetooth, this was intended for the headset in order to allow users to make phone calls only, not to play music, and the device did not support A2DP stereo Bluetooth technology so that the user could listen to songs via the headset except After two years, specifically with the iPhone 3GS.

There is no flash

Did not contain the first iPhone on the LED flash so there was no built-in flashlight. And as soon as Apple launched its own App Store, many developers rushed to create flashlight applications to provide the feature that Apple overlooked and many began downloading those applications from the App Store, which were displaying a white screen at maximum brightness.

Finally, these were the top 10 facts that many users do not know about the first iPhone that Apple unveiled about 16 years ago, and one of the funny situations during the announcement of the first generation of the iPhone was that Steve Jobs searched for the nearest Starbucks store inside Maps app, then placed a call, ordered 4000 latte for him and the audience, and promptly canceled the order.

Were you aware of this interesting information about the first iPhone for Apple, and is there anyone who follows iPhone Islam now has the first iPhone? Tell us in the comments



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