If you have owned an iPhone for a long time, you probably have collected a large number of photos and videos in it Pictures library your own. Photos and videos may be very valuable to you because they are special moments and memories with your loved ones, and no matter the reason, you probably don't want to delete them.

Over time, your Photos app may become disorganized. But don't worry! We have some tips to share with you that will help you easily organize your photo library in just a few clicks.

Get the most out of your albums

The Photos app comes with a default feature that automatically creates a set of smart albums to help you keep your photos organized. Although these albums may not be perfect, and your iPhone doesn't handle all the organizing for you, they still work as a useful way to quickly find the photos you thought were missing. To view all of your albums:

Open the Photos app and go to the Albums tab at the bottom of the screen. From there, you can scroll down to see all of your albums, including those sorted by people and places of interest. And if you scroll further, you'll find additional albums for specific things like screenshots or hidden photos, which we'll discuss later.

Get rid of bad photos

We all have bad images that we just won't use or even look at. Sometimes we take a picture of a phone number or important things that we don't need to keep in the long term, but later forget to delete them. There may be blurry photos, old photos that you no longer need, or those memes that are automatically saved from different social media applications that no one sees.

To start deleting a lot of these photos, you can open the Photos app and tap Select in the upper right corner of your screen. Next, click on all the photos you want to get rid of and click on the trash can icon in the bottom corner of your screen. Click Delete to confirm your decision.

Don't worry, all the photos you delete go directly to the Recently Deleted album, which you can find in the Albums tab. From here, you can recover any photos you deleted in the last 30 days; After that, it will be permanently removed from your photo library.

Create your own albums

As mentioned, the albums that the Photos app creates aren't perfect, but the good thing is that you can create your own albums and manually add the photos you want. To do so:

◉ Open the Photos app.

◉ Select the Albums tab at the bottom of your screen.

◉ Tap on the + sign in the top corner of your screen.

◉ Choose a new album.

◉ Enter the name of the album and select Save.

◉ Finally, choose the photos and videos you want to add.

◉ Later, you will be able to add more photos to your new album.

Use the For You tab

The Photos app contains a For You tab, which brings together all the important memories that the iPhone deems noteworthy. Presents different occasions or themes, including photos you've taken of yourself, loved ones, and friends.

The Photos app takes care of creating these moments for you automatically. To access it, simply click on the For You option located at the bottom of the screen. You'll be able to view everything the photos consider worth remembering or sharing.

Although you may not personally organize your photos, this feature provides a convenient way to quickly find moments you may have forgotten.

Search for any image you want

If you have a lot of pictures and find it hard to find one you like. The Photos app comes with a built-in search feature which is pretty accurate.

With this feature, you can search for specific moments, people, places, and categories. You can also search for text written in an image, and Live Text will be used to read your images and find matching results.

To use the Photos app's search feature, all you have to do is tap the Search tab at the bottom of the screen. Next, tap on the search bar at the top and enter anything you want to search for.

Backup everything in the cloud

If you have a lot of memories and don't want to lose them, it's best to back up your photos and videos to the cloud. Thanks to iCloud, you can store all the photos and videos you've taken on your iPhone. This also allows you to access your photos from other Apple devices and even on the web via the iCloud website. To get started with iCloud, do the following:

◉ Open Settings.

◉ Select your name at the top of the screen.

◉ Go to iCloud.

◉ Select photos.

◉ Turn on sync this iPhone.

◉ You can also change some other settings to better manage storage.

Quickly locate photos by date

The perfect way to find photos from specific holidays or dates that you remember is to view all of your photos in your library by months, days, or even years.

All you have to do is open the Photos app, then go to the Library tab in the bottom corner, then choose Years, Months, or Days, to make it easier to scroll to a specific time period you have in mind.

If you'd like to see your older photos, you can click on the top of your screen. The Photos app will automatically revert to your oldest photos. To go back to your most recent photos, click the Library tab once, and your iPhone will take you to the bottom of your Library.

Select your favorite people

If you regularly take pictures of your close friends or family members, you can unlock many powerful features by letting the Photos app know who they are.

The Photos app uses facial recognition to "know" when someone appears in your photos, and it's all done on the iPhone, so you don't have to worry about privacy. Once you select a person, you will be able to find all the photos that appear in them much faster.

◉ Open the Photos app, and select the Albums tab at the bottom.

◉ Scroll down, and under People & Places, choose People.

◉ Select the person's face.

◉ Choose Add Name at the top of your screen.

◉ Enter the person's name and select Next in the upper right, then Done to finish.

After you give names to the people in a few of your photos, your iPhone will also use that information to create memories in the For You section based on the important people in your life.

Add locations to your photos

The Photos app uses the location where you take your photos to help organize them into albums and the For You tab. This is done automatically for any photos you take using the iPhone's camera app as long as location services are enabled, but you can also set it manually or add a location to photos you've imported from other cameras. Here's how to add a location to an image:

◉ Open the photo app and tap on the photo you want.

◉ With the photo open, scroll down and choose Add Location.

◉ Enter the location in the search bar.

◉ You will get a list of results. Select the site you want to add.

You will then be able to search for these images by their location. The Photos app also uses this information to create memories in the For You tab for things like vacations and other trips to interesting places.

Set the date and time

Another thing you can try is to edit the date and time of the photos you have taken. This information should already exist for the photos you took on your iPhone, but it may be missing or incorrect for older photos. To do this, you need:

◉ Open the image you want.

◉ Tap on the three dots in the top corner of your screen.

◉ Press to set the date and time.

◉ Choose the date and time you want.

◉ When done, click on Adjust in the top corner.

Add photos to your albums

As mentioned before, you can keep adding photos to your albums even after you've created them. This will make it really easy to find all your photos from the same event or date. To add photos to your album, you need:

◉ Open the image you want.

◉ Tap the three-dot button in the upper right corner.

◉ Click on Add to Album.

◉ Choose the album you want to add the photo to.

If you haven't already, you can also create a new album directly from the Add to Album screen.

Add captions to your photos

Adding a caption to any of your photos will make it easier to remember something that happened when you took that photo. Not only that, but the comments will make it easier for your iPhone to find these photos when you search for them.

◉ Open the photo you want to add a comment to.

◉ With your photo open, scroll down.

◉ Select Add a Caption.

◉ Enter the caption you want.

◉ When you're done, choose Done in the upper right corner of your screen.

Get rid of duplicates

Whether it is memes or images that people share in different groups, you are bound to find duplicate images in your library. It's annoying, but your iPhone can help you get rid of them in a jiffy. Here's how:

◉ Open the Photos app.

◉ Select the Albums tab at the bottom of your screen.

◉ Scroll down and choose Duplicates.

◉ Select the duplicates you want to delete and choose the trash can button to remove them, or use the Merge button next to Photos to automatically merge all the metadata in the highest quality photo and most of the rest into the Recently Deleted album.

Organize your albums with folders

An album can help you organize your photos, but what do you do when you have a lot of albums in your Photos app? Well, that's where folders come in.

With folders, you can organize your albums into different categories, so it's easier to organize your important photos. Here's how to create a folder:

◉ Open the Photos app.

◉ Select the Albums tab at the bottom of the screen.

◉ Click on the + sign in the upper corner.

◉ Select a new folder.

◉ Enter the name of the folder.

◉ Choose Save in the top corner.

◉ Select the Edit button in the top corner of your screen.

◉ Choose the + icon and then select if you want to create a new folder or album inside your new folder.

Start with your hidden album

Hidden Album is the perfect way to save and hide all your private photos. Not only will they be safely stored in a separate folder, but your main library won't be cluttered.

To hide the photos away in your hidden album, you need to open the photo you want to hide, tap the three dots in the top corner of your screen, and choose Hide.

You'll find your hidden album under the Albums tab. This can be very easy to find, so if you want to hide your hidden album, you can do so by going to Settings -> Photos, then disable Show hidden album.

And if you want your album to be even more secure, enable the Use Face ID option, so only you will have access to your hidden album.

Was this article useful to you? And do you know another tip for the Photos app? Tell us in the comments.



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