One of the consequences of technology and means of communication is the lack of focus and the speed of dispersion, so that you, dear reader, will find it difficult for you to reach beyond this paragraph, and the best of you will quickly pass through the lines of the article. let's make a deal; From me the brevity and from you the focus ❤️

A lot of what social media is about is wrong


Social media is supposed to do what it claims to be. Ask yourself, have you achieved meaningful communication through these networks? You may have used it to contact someone who is some distance away from you, but the intimacy of communication is most likely not present. So a more accurate name would be: Networks/Means of Communication (not communication).

Wrong usage:

These networks arose on the basis of facilitating communication and sharing between the person and his acquaintances with the first principle, and perhaps the formation of new relationships within a limited scope. What is the purpose for which you are surfing the communication sites now? How much interest do you have in the developments of your acquaintances? Compared to being followed by so-and-so who doesn't realize you're on the planet? How often do you publish your writing, visuals, and product compared to quotes and republishing? These networks need to be re-characterized so that their users realize what they are about to do, and that their old goals do not mislead them.

Programming is wrong:

Whenever you hear a commercial company talking to you about values ​​and ethics, make yourself laugh and then show it to them. If those companies were certain that your ruin would increase their returns, they would have made that their highest value. Communication sites are programmed to keep you on their pages for as long as possible to consume your focus, time, feelings, psyche, pocket and privacy. Don't you see that you scroll down their pages to see a bottom? shock you? You will not find a bottom for it, but rather descend with its addicts, exhaustion and corruption without end.

Evolution is wrong:

The ideal state of communication between humans is direct encounter and the use of all senses to convey content and feelings. We started with calls that prevented us from confrontation, then written conversations that made us lose voice communication, then and then and then... until virtual/augmented reality robbed us as much as it could of our senses. O apple: Showing our eyes on an external screen will not replace the knot of eyebrows, nor the sparkle of eyes, nor the beauty of eyelashes.

As for after:

Following on from my previous article on the brutality of Facebook and its dominance in the field of social networks; Meta has completed its influence over the rest of the communication applications/networks, and with it its influence over our brains and our relationships to shape the way we interact. We are now witnessing a struggle between Twitter and a small arm of the communication octopus (Threads), a struggle that only leads to the end user with more euphoria in the growth of followers, and the contestants scramble for priority affiliation.
The development of consumer technology is accelerating at a rate that exceeds human awareness of proper usage behaviors. Whenever social media posts and nonsense crowd you, make sure that the haunted room in your head is quiet and tidy. Spread a carpet in it, reserve a corner for discreet science and another corner for mind exercises, and for disturbing events, leave a trash can at its exit.

The author of the article: Al-Baraa Abu Al-Hamayel

What do you think of the continued brutality of Facebook?

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