There are many technical features and settings in the iPhone camera, but the question here is how can all these features be exploited for professional photography? To answer the question, follow this article with us. We will show you 10 practical and useful tips that will enable you to improve the quality of your photos and make them more professional.

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Tips for photographing professionally with the iPhone camera

There are many factors that affect the appearance of the image and its existence, it is not only dependent on the possibility of the iPhone camera, but external factors such as lens cleanliness, lighting and phone vibration or stability during filming.

Sun light

Of course, sunlight or a light source during photography is very important, so always try to choose the right place and light to take your photos professionally.

Lens cleanliness

Always make sure that the iPhone camera and lens are clean before you start shooting. As those dirt and dust that the camera is exposed to may greatly affect the quality of your image.

Use the volume button

After choosing the appropriate background and selecting the lighting source. You have to avoid the problem of vibration; Because it may affect your image, and make it more blurry. Here we give you advice, which is to use the button responsible for the sound to take pictures, not to use the button on the application screen. This will also help if you want to take a series of photos of the same pose.

Set the focus yourself

We also know that there is a great feature in the iPhone camera, which is the focus feature, but sometimes during photography, the best solution may be to manually select the focus mode by placing your finger on the screen and pressing in the place you want, this will contribute to raising the quality of your photos. clearly.

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Use the filters that suit you best

One of the best features offered by the iPhone is the use of a large number of filters, so if you want to professionally edit photos, try using the filter that fits the image based on its lighting and details.

Image brightness control

Before taking a photo professionally, you must choose the appropriate brightness for the image. You can control the brightness of the image by clicking on the screen and moving your finger up and down, and you choose the brightness that you see appropriate for your image.

HDR mode feature

In the event that you are photographing in a place where the lighting is not good, we advise you to activate the HDR mode, as the HDR feature increases the ratio of light to dark in the image, which increases the clarity of the image details, and highlights it to be more professional. if you prefer video recording In 4k resolution, here is this article.

Enable the grid lines feature

Grid feature is very important to shoot professionally. The Grid lines feature defines the subject you want to photograph and improves the composition of the image, in addition to organizing the elements in the frame and distributing them evenly and orderly. And it's not over, as you can also use this feature while shooting videos.


Follow these steps to enable the grid feature:

  1. Open the settings menu.
  2. Scroll down and select the iPhone's camera.
  3. Choose Enable Grid.

Turn on the Lens Correction feature - lens correction

If you are a user of iPhone 12 or later, this feature is for you. During a selfie, you can use the Lens Correction feature, which improves the image and increases the realism of the image through the use of the wide lens (0.5x).


Night mode feature

In the event that you want to photograph or document a specific moment, but the lighting is dim, now you can deal with this situation and photograph everything you want using the feature Night mode. At first, the night mode feature is available for iPhone 11 or later, and this feature works to deal with low light and export the best possible results. It is worth noting that while shooting with the iPhone camera, when you notice poor lighting, it works automatically, and the color of the icon turns yellow.


What do you think of the iPhone camera in general? Do you usually use any of the tips?



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