The small size of the font on the iPhone may cause annoyance to many users, and some may have to wear medical glasses to read a text, but now here is the solution where you can change the font size and control it on your iPhone, some may not find the option to enlarge the font in a specific application, but Since iOS 13, Apple encourages developers to use dynamic fonts, so you can adjust the text size in a specific application, or in all applications installed on your device, according to the settings you prefer.

How do you change the font size on the iPhone?

At the beginning, if you want to change or control the font size in a specific application, do the following:

Open the Settings menu

Click on “Display & Brightness”
Here you have to choose "Text Size" or "Text Size".

Now you can change and control the font size with the slider at the bottom

You can also control the thickness of the text by selecting “Bold Text” or “Bold Text”.

Show larger font options

If the largest font size is not suitable for you and you think it is still small, here is how to open the largest fonts

Open the Settings menu or “Settings”
Choose the Accessibility menu.

Click on “Display & Text size”

Choose Larger Text and hit the toggle button

Choose the appropriate font size for you through the bar at the bottom of the screen.

Change the font size in a specific application on the iPhone

If you are a user of the iOS 15 version, you can now control the font size in all the applications that you want, which support the “Dynamic Type” feature. It is worth noting here that changing the font size in a specific application does not mean that all other applications will activate these changes, and on the contrary, changes can be made in the font size for each application separately, according to your personal preferences.

Follow these steps and you will be able to change the font size in the application you want:

Open the Settings menu.
Choose Control Center menu.

Click the More Controls menu.
Look for the “Text size” or font size option.
Click on the plus sign or “+”.

Now you can enable text size selection.

With the completion of the following steps, you will be able to change and control the text size of the application you want.

Open the application in which you want to change the font.
Click on the Control Center on your iPhone.

Select the text size icon and its label in the form of “AA”.

A bar will appear at the bottom, through which you can control the selection of the application in which you want to change the font size.

Now you can use the bar at the bottom in order to control the font size within the application and not all applications.

Change the font size on the iPhone lock screen

If you are an iOS 16 user, now you can control the font size of the Lock Screen. Here's how to change the text size:

Lock your device by swiping down on the panel.
Click on the digital clock.
The panel responsible for the font and color on the screen will appear in front of you.
Choose the font that suits you best on your lock screen.
You can also change the font color to a color that suits you best.
Now click on the “Done” button on the right of the screen to save the changes.


Here are some frequently asked questions about changing the font size and controlling it on your iPhone, and information about changing the font color on your device.

How do you change the font type on the iPhone?

Unfortunately, Apple does not allow this at the present time, but some applications enable you to use the fonts installed on the device or install new fonts, but these fonts work only within the applications that support them.

How can you change the font size in the WhatsApp application?

Open the WhatsApp application on your device.
Click on the additional options menu.
Choose the Settings menu.
After opening the menu, select the chat, then click on the font size.
You will see three options, small, medium, and large font.
Select the font size that suits you.

What is the type of new font found in the iPhone?

The font type is San Francisco Arabic “Sf Arabic”. It should be noted that this line was developed by Apple, in addition, it has been adopted in all operating versions of Apple since the release of iOS 11 and “macOS Sierra” and the Arabic interface of the official website of Apple.

Do you know why the font size increase option is no longer available in most applications? The reason is that now through the system you can change the font size for each application separately

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