If you have owned an iPhone or iPad for a long time, and you have not replaced the battery yet, you will certainly find the battery health level very low, here you try to keep the charge as much as possible for as long as possible, and therefore you run low power mode almost throughout the day, Once you put the iPhone on charging and it reaches more than 80%, it will automatically come out of the charger Low power modeHere is a way to keep Low Power Mode on your device all the time.

Low Power Mode makes your device work abnormally, and sometimes apps are affected by these features that are lost when you turn on Low Power Mode, so if there is no necessary need to turn on Low Power Mode, don't, because you simply bought an iPhone to enjoy it, its speed, and its features.

Here are the features that are disabled when Low Power Mode is on

According to Apple, Low Power Mode turns off the following:

◉ The 5G network will be restricted, except for video streaming, on iPhone 12 models.

◉ The auto-lock time will be reduced, by default 30 seconds.

◉ Will reduce and limit screen brightness.

◉ The screen refresh frequency will be reduced, and will remain limited to 60 Hz, on iPhone and iPad models equipped with a ProMotion screen that supports a frequency of 120 Hz.

◉ Turn off some visual effects.

◉ Turn off iCloud Photos, it will be paused.

◉ Stop automatic downloads.

◉ Stop fetching email.

◉ Turn off background app refresh.

If you don't mind getting rid of these above features as long as low power mode is on, follow these steps to create an automated task to have low power on all the time for you.

If necessary, turn on low power mode all the time

Most iPhone and iPad users are aware that when the charging percentage reaches 20% a window pops up that Low Power Mode will be activated. This mode helps preserve remaining battery life by restricting certain features. But, by default, Low Power Mode is automatically turned off when the iPhone or iPad reaches 80% charge. And if that bothers you, that's okay, there is always a solution.

If you have the latest version of iOS or iPadOS on an older device, and you don't have enough battery life to get through the day. Or maybe you just want to reduce the number of times charging the iPhone. Either way, you can automatically enable Low Power Mode regardless of battery level by automatically creating a shortcut and doing the rest for you.

Create an automation task to permanently turn on low power mode

◉ Open the Shortcuts application on your iPhone, then click the Automation tab at the bottom.

◉ Click the + button at the top, then choose Create Personal Automation.

◉ Scroll down and choose Low Power Mode.

◉ Deselect the Is Turned On option, select the Is Turned Off option instead, and then click Next.

◉ Click Add Action.

◉ Tap inside the search field and search for Set Low Power Mode, then select below.

◉ Make sure the Turn and On options are blue, then click Next.

◉ Toggle the switch next to Ask Before Running to the off position, then tap Don't Ask in the pop-up to confirm.

◉ Click Done to finish.

Low Power Mode can be manually turned on and off at any time by going to Settings -> Battery and turning on Low Power Mode. But if you want to turn off AutoControl, you will have to disable AutoControl for Shortcut. You can do this with the Shortcuts app by selecting the shortcut and deleting it or disabling it.

Do you use Low Power Mode on your iPhone a lot? And do you find in what we mentioned a solution to your problem instead of replacing the battery, although some features are limited? Tell us in the comments.



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