App Shortcuts is a new feature in iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 that allows you to access quick actions for your favorite apps through Spotlight search. And you can use app shortcuts to do things like send a message, call a contact, join a Zoom meeting, and more, without having to open the app itself. However, Apple introduced important updates in the iOS 17 update that greatly enhanced the user experience. In this article, we will learn how to use application shortcuts in Spotlight search, and this will help improve the search experience and quickly perform actions or go to specific sections of applications.

Now when you type the name of an app in Spotlight search, it will only show that app or media from that app. An example of this if you have an app to my prayer…

ElaSalaty: Muslim Prayer Times

You can now write the name of the prayer, for example, Fajr, or in English, depending on the language of your application... and it will show you the time of the Fajr prayer for several days...

It also shows you a shortcut written on it when is the prayer time, and if you press it, it will show you what is left until the time of prayer...

This is because the To My Prayer application is one of the few prayer applications that support the features of Apple systems, and this important feature that some people forget to use is the SpotLight search feature, and because it is an important feature that Apple will develop in the upcoming iOS 17 system.

Spotlight search features in iOS 17

In the iOS 17 update, when you enter the name of an app, Spotlight Search can intelligently display a number of sub-options internal to that app.

For example, if you type voice memos in Spotlight search, you'll also see quick shortcuts for recording a new voice memo or playing the last recorded voice note.

How to use app shortcuts in Spotlight search

◉ Swipe down on the main screen of the iPhone or iPad, or press the search button to enter Spotlight.

◉ Type the name of the application. But make sure not to hit the go or return key.

◉ If the app supports shortcuts, you will see these shortcuts in the Top Hit section. Click on an app shortcut to go directly to it.

Quick settings shortcuts

App shortcuts can be accessed next to the app name in the Top Hit section. But some apps like Settings offer a comprehensive set of shortcuts or handy actions that can be easily turned on or off through the Spotlight screen. Here's how it looks:

In addition, you can perform some other basic functions directly from Spotlight search. For example, if you type Do Not Disturb, you'll get a toggle to enable or disable Spotlight, so there's no need to go into Settings or open Control Center.

Likewise, typing Focus (the feature, not the app) in Spotlight will show you a list of your focus modes, and you can quickly turn them on or off from Spotlight.

And write files will show you a shortcut to scan documents.

App shortcuts you see in Spotlight search can run directly from there or take you to that place within the app.

For example, suppose you type "Voice Memos" and press the "Record" shortcut. Now, instead of taking you inside the Voice Memos app and then starting the recording, it will immediately start a new recording and display it as a small notification-style interface at the top of the screen.

Other shortcuts may take you inside their own application. For example, if you're searching for photos and a shortcut to "Favorites" appears, clicking it will take you to your favorite photos.

What do you think about the app shortcut feature in Spotlight search? What suggestions would you like to see in it? Tell us in the comments.



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