company founded Camel On April 1976, 10, at the hands of Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, who together built one of the largest technology companies in history, a company that was able to face challenges, odds, and resilience more than most other companies, and over the past years and until now, Apple has had many Some of the most amazing experiences throughout its history you may not know, so we've collected some interesting facts about Apple, some funny, some weird, and some really impressive. In this article, we explore XNUMX things about Apple that you may not have heard of before.

Apple is richer than some countries

It's no secret that Apple was the first company to have a market capitalization of $2023 trillion and as of August 2.744, Apple's market capitalization is $XNUMX trillion. This makes it the most valuable and expensive company in the world, but that's not all, there was report It indicates that Apple has a financial reserve greater than the entire United States government. Surprisingly, Apple's revenues exceed the entire economic output of several countries, including Ecuador, Guatemala, and Iraq. This remarkable financial success can be attributed to consumers like us who bought the iPhone since its inception. And they upgrade every year or two. The iPhone, in particular, has contributed to the company's financial position over the past years.

iPhone sales

The IPhone, Apple's spoiled boy who brings it billions of dollars annually, and is considered the company's most famous and best-selling product, and you can imagine that Apple managed to sell 849450 iPhones on a daily basis during the last quarter of 2018, and this number was not achieved by large companies, or Until I dreamed of reaching it, and by examining this number, it can be said that the company sold 35393 iPhone devices every hour and approximately 590 devices every minute, at an average price of $796.

Apple fashion line

From, a collage of Apple photo shoots in various outfits.

Apple currently has strict standards when it comes to launching new products for it, but in the past (the seventies and eighties), this was not the case, as the company was more daring, and it was not focused intensively on smartphones only, and for this it launched many different things to see what Which could continue with her, and bring her profits, and one of these products was a fashion line called The Apple Collection, which included a variety of shirts, pants, and accessories that came with lacy designs and bright colors, but it didn't work out with the company.

The secret to choosing 9:41 AM

In any Apple ad or feature via an event or press release, you will find that the clock is always set to 9:41 am, this is not a coincidence. Apple uses this time; Because according to Scott Forrestal, former senior vice president of iOS, this is the time when most new products are launched during Apple presentations, and in another telling, this is the time when Steve Jobs unveiled the first iPhone to the world in January 2007, so it is a very special and special time for the company.

Apple and Samsung are not the only competitors

We all know that the Korean giant Samsung It is the archenemy of Apple when it comes to the smart phone market, but what you do not know is that the two are strong allies, and they share a partnership more than you can imagine, for example, all Retina screens for the iPad are made by Samsung. Not only that, but that 30% of the A8 chip that Apple used in the iPhone 6 was manufactured by the traditional competitor, also many of the components of current Apple products were manufactured by Samsung, and yet Apple seeks to gradually move away from its competitor and manufacture What it needs itself, but until that happens, there is a strong relationship between Apple and Samsung.

MacBook Pro could save your life

Do you imagine that the MacBook Pro can be a protective shield that protects you from bullets, one of the YouTubers tried it, and it turned out that the thickness of the Apple laptop was enough to stop a bullet, so the next time you feel that your life is threatened, you can count on the MacBook Pro to take A bullet instead of you, but the device will not work again, and this gives me goosebumps because of its price, but it seems that it is expensive in it.

Getting into Apple is more difficult than getting into Harvard

Apple seeks to be perfect in everything, and this also applies to job opportunities, and previously, specifically in 2009, more than 10 people applied for the opportunity to work in one of the company's new stores that was launched that year, among these thousands Only about 200 people were able to get the job. With an acceptance rate of about 2% which is much lower than Harvard University which in 2008 accepted 2000 students out of 29 students (acceptance rate of 7%).

The iPod was not for Apple

From, Tony Fadell, a bald man holding an iPod with the Apple logo prominently displayed.

It's hard to imagine a device IPod Special to a company other than Apple, and although the device was one of the company's most successful and famous products before the advent of the iPhone, the iPod was not dedicated to Apple, as it was shown Tony Fadel The idea of ​​​​a portable music player on other companies before Apple, such as Real Networks and Philips, but it failed to convince those companies and they rejected the idea, but they felt regret after that when Apple launched the iPod and it was widely spread, and made huge gains behind it.

Apple's outrageous richness

It's no secret how rich Apple is due to its massive success as the company has grown steadily in the past few years to the point that in 2021 it was actually making hundreds of thousands of dollars per minute, and in the first quarter of 2021, the iPhone maker was able to generate revenue of $691. However, the company came second after e-commerce giant Amazon, which generated $234.57 in revenue per minute during the same period.

The first Apple logo had Isaac Newton on it

From, History of the Apple Logo.

The iconic Apple logo, which we know now, was not the company's first, but rather changed and evolved over the years. The first logo for Apple was initially designed by the third co-founder, Ronald Wayne, and it featured Sir Isaac Newton (the inventor of the theory of gravity) sitting under the apple tree. After Ronald left the company, Apple changed its logo to the bitten apple, bringing it to us now in its attractive final form that we see on all of the company's products.

 In the end, these were 10 facts and things that many users do not know about Apple, which is considered one of the most influential companies in the field of technology, and since the past is the best indicator of the future, we are sure that the iPhone maker will continue to innovate new and wonderful products along with Introducing new stories to impress us.

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