The iPhone is the undisputed best due to a number of different factors, including seamless integration with the Apple ecosystem, great design, high quality, and system iOS Which gives users an unparalleled experience, and despite what the operating system provides of various and amazing features, there are a number of annoying things that destroy the experience of using the iPhone, and for this we will review, in the following lines, 8 things that users of the iPhone hate fone in iOS.

The App Library is not customizable

One of the annoying things about the iOS system is the inability to customize the application library, which Apple introduced with the iOS 14 operating system in order to organize the chaos on the device’s home screen and make it easier to find any application in seconds, as the application library allows applications to be arranged in categories with the ability to search for them. quickly and smoothly, and although this feature was a great decision from Apple, there is a problem with this feature, as there is no way to customize the application library, and then you cannot rearrange, remove or rename categories, and this small problem is one of the aspects negative in iOS.

Call history is limited

Since the release of the iPhone, we have asked that the call log not be limited to a certain number, but Apple has left us all these years with only 100 calls in the call log. We know people who may come to this number of calls in a few hours, and even when Apple's response in iOS 17 Call log made only 400 calls.

Clean Notification Center

Through the notification center in the iPhone, you can see all the notifications, but the problem is the recent notifications that appear at the top of the notification center, there is no way to remove them at once, and you have to clear them individually.

Setting a custom ringtone is not easy

Some things are harder to do in iOS compared to Android, like setting a custom ringtone. It's supposed to be as simple as going to settings, selecting a ringtone from the device, and you're done. But not everything is wishful thinking, and in order to be able to set up a custom ringtone for the iPhone, you need to do many steps, mostly through a computer and external applications; That is why many resort to buying a ringtone from the iTunes Store app.

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

Turning on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth all the time drains battery power; That is why many users turn them off until they are needed, however, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are automatically turned on with the iOS system even after turning them off the next day, or every time you restart the iPhone or even when enabling and then disabling flight mode, In order to avoid this problem, you can disable them in the settings, but it will be frustrating if you use them frequently.

A group of applications cannot be closed at once

We mentioned before that closing applications from the background harms the efficiency of your device, but sometimes it is necessary to close these applications and if there are a lot of applications running in the background you need to scroll up and close each application separately, and unfortunately there is no button or feature in the iOS system that allows You can close all applications at once.

The mobile app isn't perfect

If you try to type a number on the phone application on your iPhone to call it, and discover that the number is incorrect, what is the case, you will not be able to modify the number as the iOS system forces you to start again and write the number again instead of fixing the error; Because the phone app does not allow you to edit the numbers.

The calculator application is limited

The calculator app in iOS is very limited. For example, you cannot edit or delete individual numbers, and after you type a number and press the calculator key, it is erased and you cannot see it again. Also, there are other limitations including, there is no conversion feature from one unit to another, or even a record of what you have done. entered previously; This is why some prefer to use a third-party calculator app.

 In the end, these were the 8 most famous things that iPhone users hate in the iOS system, and while it may be simple or not, it is not a problem for some, but Apple can add it with the upcoming operating system to improve the use experience.

Have you encountered these problems before? Is there anything bothering you on the iPhone? Tell us in the comments



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