Launched Apple Watch debuted in April 2015And with the approaching date of its tenth anniversary, some rumors and speculations have been launched that there is a radical update coinciding with this tenth anniversary, similar to the iPhone X in 2017, whose new design was a transition to a new era of design and new, more advanced technologies, on top of which is the face print. FaceID and related technologies may or may not be present in similar devices. Do you think Apple will do something like this with its new watch, and bring us new design or technologies? In this article, we mention everything we know about the expected Apple Watch.

From, Apple Watch with Letter X Surrounded by Speculation and Rumors.

Graphic Design

From, Apple Watch X rumors so far.

Apple plans to make a major change to the design of the Apple Watch in conjunction with its tenth anniversary. Apple aims to make it thinner than it is now with a thinner outer cover.

New watch straps

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Apple is exploring ways to attach Apple Watch straps to non-current watches, possibly using magnets. This may free up more space inside the watch for other parts. Currently, the Apple Watch has holes on its sides that are used to secure the straps. These slots take up internal space within the watch itself. If this method is replaced by a magnetic belt attachment system, the holes previously used will no longer be necessary. Since there will be no need for these slots, an internal space that was used to accommodate the slots will be freed up, which can be utilized to provide space for other electronic components. This may be reflected in the design of the watch and make it thinner and thinner. It is possible that the new straps will not be compatible with the old watches.

the screen

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Rumors suggest that Apple may launch a new Apple Watch with a microLED display. This technology is expected to be in the larger Apple Watch Ultra, or the Apple Watch X which will be the first of its kind, potentially with different sizes and slimmer bezels. MicroLED technology uses tiny pixel LEDs, which makes it energy efficient and avoids screen burn-in. It provides faster response times, better contrast, and brighter colors than other monitors. Apple has been investing in microLED technology since 2015.

health features

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One of the features Apple is working on to incorporate into the upcoming Apple Watch X is the ability to monitor blood pressure using infrared light. In addition, it is trying to create a way for the watch to also measure blood glucose levels without having to prick the skin, perhaps using infrared light as well, but in addition to other sensors, but this may be a complex challenge and may take more time to develop. He thinks such complex features may be more developed and ideally ready years later, perhaps towards the end of this decade.

launch date

Mark Gurman says it's not yet clear if Apple will release the new Watch X in 2024 or 2025. The original Apple Watch was unveiled in September 2014, but it didn't come out until April 2015, so Apple could use either date in memory of the Apple Watch. .

2023 will see the debut of the Apple Watch 9, so the Series 10 or "X" would be more appropriate for 2024, not 2025, but the X designation is just speculation.

Do you think that by launching the expected Apple Watch, the smart watch industry will move to a new stage? Tell us in the comments.



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